Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Jamaica #9

Wednesday 1-5-05
Last night the toilets backed up and we had a major poo problem! So none of us got to take showers last night (the water is all connected). So when I woke up this morning I had to go to the bathroom REALLY bad and I heard Troy in there so I asked if he knew if the toilets were working and he said yes, so I went, then took a shower. Then when I got out Kristen said we weren't supposed to take showers this morning and that we were going to have a meeting about it. During the meeting Moose said we would split up - one group would stay here and clean up, and they opened another set of toilets also, and the other two groups would go to the church. My group stayed here. It was fun. We (Troy, Pamela, Abby and Libby and I) went to the store to get supplies, then we moved all the suitcases in the bedroom and swept, then swept the bathrooms.

By two o'clock both bedrooms, both bathrooms, and the kitchen had been swept and mopped with bleach water. We also scrubbed all the toilets and flushed them. One toilet had a bunch of tadpoles swimming in it, and the sewage was coming up from the shower drains. After we finished working we went to a store to get stuff for the kids. We got some candy and stuff to make bracelets with - we also made bracelets for ourselves. I wish we had more to give them. I just hope that, even in their young ages, they realize that it is not about their church having a roof, or sunglasses and bracelets, but that they will realize that what matters is the relationships that we form with them.

Quote of the day- "I'm just slipping around in poo.." - Pamela
I'm hungry and I have to pee. Uhh... in other news - the last offical L'ami meeting was last night. Sad day. I know thre was something I was going to post about on here but nope don't remember what. Oh! The girl interns ate breakfast today to get to know each other a little and to talk about what we're gonna do in the house. I'm so excited! It'll be interesting living with seven other girls hahaha. This will be the first time that I'm officially on my own though - no meal plan to fall back on when I need food. Hehe yay for off campus! In the words of Homestarrunner - I really got, I really got to pee. I really got, I really got to pee pee. Hey! It worked! DeeDee's out of the bathroom!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Jamaica #8

Tuesday, 1-4-05
Last night the water went out - and it was still out this morning - no showers for now! Today when we got to the work camp there wasn't anything to do yet. We had the cement, but we couldn't start mixing concrete yet because it was raining. We sat around playing games until after lunch. The games we played today let us get to know each other better, so that was fun. We also finished putting the rafters up and so Moose took us down the street to this little store and got us "victory sodas" but I got juice instead because I don't want to drink pop this year (side note - as of today, april 24 I'm still pop-free). It's helped that there's no Dr. Pepper here. While we were getting the sodas there were two guys across th street who were going back and forth saying "This Jamaican likes fat girls!" "This Jamaican likes thin ones." After awhile Jesse (a guy in our group) said, "I like them all." It was really funny. We went back to the church hung out some more and played with the kids some.

On the way back we dropped Holly, Jesses, and Jason off at a market and the rest of us came back here. Then we went and got Chinese for dinner. I was a little apprehensive about having Chinese from Jamaica but then I realized that's not a whole lot different than Chinese from Amercia. It was excellent. I got pineapple chicken. Troy said he heard that the place we're staying at is basically condemed and they're going to tear it down sometime this year and that's why they never fixed the roof on the other side. That makes me feel good -minus the good part. Oh well - tonight, tomorrow and then one more - and Montego Bay! Woot! The only sad thing about that is it will go by super fast and then we'll be back at AU starting another semester of school. Thank you God for stretching me this week.

Quotes of the day: "Dang! I want an enima!" - Amy
"I don't want to open the door, poop will come in!" - Kristen

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Weekend thus far:

Friday afternoon I think it was I watched Elf haha yeah it's a Christmas movie but I hadn't seen it yet and I had been wanting to, and I saw it at the library so I got it. I really enjoyed it. "Smiling is my favorite." Stacy and I ushered R&J so I got to see it again, and again for free. It was great and I enjoyed it better this time because I caught on to a lot of the jokes. After that Stacy and I were gonna come back and just hang out but instead we got invited to go see A Lot Like Love, which I've been waiting for it to come out and it's great. I'm using the word great a lot, isn't that great? Then I came home and facebooked and slept.

Today it snowed. DISGUSTING! I love snow, but in the winter, not late April. GOSH! Umm... so I've been hanging out getting some alone time in, which is always nice once in awhile, especially when you live with people and you've been a little stressed. So this morning I watched Coyote Ugly, which I hadn't watched in a long time even though it's such a good movie. Then Stacy came home and I took her to Deals so she could buy some stuff for her work party, then I dropped her off there. Then I watched Serving Sara which I also hadn't seen in a long time and it was better than I remembered. Then I watched Brokedown Palace, which again I hadn't seen in awhile. Stacy is home now and we're going to head over to a party at south, whatwhat. Yay for that which is partiness at the end of semester. Uhh... yeah I think tomorrow Stacy and I are going to watch Pirates of the Carribean (it's a tradition for us to watch it a lot) and then Holes (another one I have but haven't watched in awhile). Uhh... and sometime we need to watch Shawshank Redemption because we have it from the library.

Yay for me spending lots of time with Stacy lately - because I'm here on the weekends now and she's always busy during the week. I really enjoy roommate time. Everyone should stop what they're doing and if possible go spend time with the one that is the mate of your room.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Thursday.. haha. So I went to my 12:30 (shocker!) and then ran some errands and came home around 3:30 pm. Then I watched Kiss The Girls - good movie, after that Jen and I went to the 1 + 1 buffet. During dinner, the following quote... "We ate this stuff in Jamaica that looked kind of like brains. But it wasn't, it was their national fruit. Ackee. But it looked more like a vegetable than a fruit." - Me, and then Jen replies, "Like parrots?" My policy lately has been that I will eat anything once. You never know if it's good until you try it. Some strange foods I've had in the past - alligator, goat, squid, ostrich, elk, squirrel, and duck. I think they're all good. Today I tried mussel and baby octopus. The mussel was okay, the octopus tasted similar to squid but not as good, and I think it's partly because I didn't like the sauce it was in. But, tonight I ate a LOT of duck, which like I said I've had before. I really like eating duck, it's soo good. Everyone should eat duck. I wish duck was more popular at restaurants because I would eat duck every chance I get
You haven't read this about Jamaica yet...

Jamaica #7

Monday, 1-3-05
Today a lady from the church we're staying at came to wash some clothes for us. Also there was a phone call for Holly from - Jimmy Tucker. Double creepy! Moose talked to him but I don't know what was said. We got on the bus and went to work. When we got there we sat around for a little bit,

playing games, and then we put up 7 boards, and then sat around and chased the little kids.

The kids didn't show up until later because school started again today. There's a little school right next to the church and the kids there weren't the same fter dinner we went to the grocery store to try to find stuff (toys) for the kids and to buy snacks for ourselves. We got the snacks but not the toys. We were wanting to get toys because Deanzel (who I You haven't read this about Jamaica yet...

Jamaica #7

Monday, 1-3-05
Today a lady from the church we're staying at came to wash some clothes for us. Also there was a phone call for Holly from - Jimmy Tucker. Double creepy! Moose talked to him but I don't know what was said. We got on the bus and went to work. When we got there we sat around for a little bit,

playing games, and then we put up 7 boards, and then sat around and chased the little kids.

The kids didn't show up until later because school started again today. There's a little school right next to the church and the kids there weren't the same fter dinner we went to the grocery store to try to find stuff (toys) for the kids and to buy snacks for ourselves. We got the snacks but not the toys. We were wanting to get toys because Deanzel (who I wanted to kidnap)...

s afraid of Santa and Rojay said that Santa didn't come this year. We're wanting to find a bunch of little toys to give all of them on our last day.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

I'm sick of being sick. I don't really know for sure if I have allergies or a cold, but either way it's annoying. Umm... last night Stacy and I watched The Skulls, it was pretty good. It's a movie, it's about a secret society at an ivy league school. It stormed... kind of, like for an hour or so. Umm... I was going to go to teetering but I was too tired. Today after my class I need to run some errands and then I wanna sleep all afternoon and spend a lot of time tonight over there, it should be fun. Um... okay there was something else I was going to say but I'm not remembering it.

The following post about Jamaica is the last part that I've already put on my xanga, so starting tomorrow it'll be something you haven't heard yet... so yeah.
Jamaica #6

Sunday 1-2-05
This morning we had more transportation problems - Roy, our driver, informed us that they needed the van to pick up kids and elderly people for church. So Moose went to town and got a bust taxi. It was a little shady because the driver didn't know how to get where we were going. The seats were ripped, he was wearing boxers and rudly yelled at Moose "WATA" (water), but we got there. They cooked breakfast for us again, and then church started at 11 - it got out at 2:45!! Then we had lunch. Church was amazing. Moose preached and talked a lot about when he was in Africa. There was so much culture there it's so different coming from a church where everone wears jeans to a church where the girls wear formal dresses. After church we got rides back from people - I rode on the back of a truck with Dorrell and Neslie - very interesting. Dorrell is the worship pastor or something like that, and married, and he was still hitting on Crystal, Pamela and I. We stood in the parking lot and talked, and then Jimmy Tucker showed up - he sat next to Holly Davis on the plane and must have written down all the information off her customs papers and he came here and gave her a CD and said he wanted to talk to our whole group - creepy! Later we went out for dinner - some went to De Windie's and some of us were going t go to Juci Patti's but it was closed so we just went to Dominoes because we were meeting everyone at the movie theatre and it was right next to it. We saw Ocean's Twelve but I fell asleep b/c I was exhausted.

I didn't take any pictures that day but here is the lady who cooked lunch for us every day -

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Jamaica Post #5

Saturday 1-1-05 NEW YEAR'S DAY!
What an amazing day. I've never had a New Year's Day like this before! We piled into a bus around 7:45 in the morning - so early! We drove about 3 hours through the mountains to Dunn's River Falls - a park with a beach and a beautiful waterfall.

We took some picutres and then went swimming in the Caribbean Sea. After a little while we decided to play in the sand. We were going to build a sandman instead of a snowman (my idea - other builders were Lori, Abby, Kristen, and Crystal) We eventually gave up because it was looking nothing like a snowman. Ah well. We then walked uphill to go back to the bus for lunch. To exit you have to walk through a market. People were yelling "hey pretty girl" and "hey sexy lady" and wanting to take us to their shops. One guy took Abby and so we followed her to make sure she was safe and then someone took Crystal in the other direction. We finally got out and got to the bus and ate PB&J sandwhiches. Then we rented water shoes and went to the beach again. From there we all climbed up the water fall.

It was hard in some places but it was incredible! By the time we were done with that it was time to change our clothes and leave. We piled into the bus and came back to Mandeville. We rested for a bit and then walked to Island Jerk for dinner. I got the same thing I got last time - jerk chicken and festival. Then we came back here had a meeting and went to bed

Vado visitare l'Italia durante la vacanza di Natale!!!

Okay so I LOVE the Tri-S program at AU!!!! I've been waiting for this day, the day that the 2005-2006 brochures come out!!!

My top three(four) countries that I want to visit before I die have always been Australia/New Zeeland, Italy, and Ireland. I always wanted to go to Italy with my husband and Ireland with my mom.

I really, really wanted to go on the Greece trip over Christmas break last year but it was full when I went to sign up and that's how I went to Jamaica. So this year I was like "I'm gonna sign up faster!" and have been obsessively checking my mail for the brochure. TODAY IT CAME! But very sad news - NO GREECE!!!! At least not over Christmas break. So... figuring I can always go back and see other parts with my husband, I'M GOING TO ITALY!!! Which is the translation of the Italian above - I am going to visit Italy during Christmas vacation. And it's only $990 for TWO WEEKS plus at least 2 meals/day!!! WOOOOOT!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

So I changed the look. The website I got this from, the guy who made it said he was a pagan. I find that very interesting because to me the picture shows a child (I think the face looks child-like) offering up his hands... and I immediately thought of how we are to be the hands of God, doing His work here on earth, and the author mentioned something about the hands being bloody, and I do see a bit of a red tint to them and so I thought about the hands being bloody. We are so prone to not want to get dirty, to not want to bear pain. Who are we to think that we can live on this earth, follow Christ, do God's will, and not suffer in pain? I think that a few scrapes on our hands is not worth complaining about in comparison to having nails pounded into them onto a cross.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Jamaica #4, a real post after..

Friday 12-31-04
I am sure that right now the gang back home is getting ready to head over to Chris' house, white elephant gift in tow. They'll watch a movie or two, a pancreas mug and Mr. Bubbles will be exchanged, the ball will drop and they will drink their sparkling grape juice. Several inches of snow on the ground, below freezing temperature and even colder wind chill. I am not there this time. I am sitting on a flimsy, squeaky bed with a thin, stained mattress in a cockroach and gecko infested room in a building missing half a roof, in a country where it is currently mid seventies and white elephant gifts would be frivilous... New Year's in Jamaica. Not party-on the beach tourist Jamaican New Year's Eve, go to church with the locals Jamaican New Year's Eve. Today at the worksite there was nothing to do other than play with the kids because the carpenter (whose name is Mr. Wood), Moose, Troy, and Jesse finished the scafolding and Mr. Wood made the rafters and they all hoisted them up.

We're hoping by Monday we'll have the materials to start plastering. I'm not myself here. I've been so subdued.
Ahh... I just finished reading Blue Like Jazz and I finished it by soaking in some morning rays on my balcony. More on my weekend...

Saturday morning Pishy and I went to Goodwill, she got some sunglasses for 1.99 then we met my mom and grandma (they were on their way to Indy to see the Gaithers) at Olive Garden - free good food! After that we drove around town looking for garage sales. I found two awesome old school 70's shirts... they're very similar... they're polyester, short sleeve, button down but not all the way down, collar... one is solid green and has a boob pocket, the other doesn't have a pocket and has bright yellow and orange flowers. They were 50 cents each. Along the way I saw some kids with a lemonade stand and I decided to help make their day. Not only did I buy a watered-down glass of lemonade for 50 cents, I purposely paid for it with the half-dollar coin I got from Perkins last week, knowing they had probably never seen one before. One kid exclaimed, "HOLY MOLEY!!!" and it made me smile.

Pishy and I returned to Jekr Central to chill and watch TV. Then we got some Papa Murphy's Gourmet Chicken Garlic pizza mmmmmmmm and did some other stuff too. I don't remember what. Then we went to WalMart b/c she forgot a toothbrush... she definately bought a 50cent brush with her debit card. Very nice. Then we went to Old Navy and she got some jeans and a T-shirt for $10 or something cheap around there. Then I went to Starbucks and got a Double Chocolate Creme Frappucino thing. Yum. We came back and read the first three chapters of Blue Like Jazz out loud to each other and then went to bed.

Sunday my mom (who spent the night at Hampton Inn here in Anderson after the show) was supposed to meet us outside my apartment at 9:40 to go to church. 9:50 she wasn't here, and that's not like her so I called and she thought I told her to meet at 10:40, so she hurried up and met us, we went to church. It was great as usual, but apparently, according to Matt himself, "Next week will be the best sermon ever. No I'm lying, I'm just really excited. No, I'm not lying. It will be the best sermon ever." Then I had a meeting with the girl interns to see the house, it's pretty cool. Hardwood floors which I love! It'll be interesting sharing a house with 7 other girls... hmm yeah. Then mom, gma, Pishy and I went to Texas Roadhouse, yeah steak! Then Pishy left and I read and then went down to Jen's for dinner (yummy chicky... BONES!) then we started watching a movie that I do NOT recomend... then Bible Study then reading out loud to Stacy in bed, convincing her to sleep instead of study (she studied) and then I went to sleep.
Sorry for the lack of posts, I have a new addiction.... thefacebook.com it's spreading through campus and I think it all started with me!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Yesterday was fun. After Pishy got here we had the cinnomon rolls and then dinner, then her and Jen and I headed to downtown Indy, to the circle, just to get ice cream from the South Bend Chocolate Company Chocolate Cafe... mmm mint chip like always! I love being downtown in cities.. I hated cities until I came to AU now I love them and just being down there for like 30 minutes made me really excited about living in Boston.... YAY CITIES.

Today I think we're going to Goodwill and my mom and grandma are coming and taking us to lunch and other than that, who knows. I don't.

umm okay I'm done. Jamaica post later...

Friday, April 15, 2005

Jamaica #3 - real post follows...

Thursday 12-30-04
This morning I woke up - and the sun was shining! It was so beautiful compared to the clouds we've had so far. It rained last night and everything looks so fresh now. Thanks to God for new beginnings - His mercies fall fresh each day. We had cereal and fruit for breakfast - mmm... fresh pineapple! Then we piled into a small van and traveled about 30 minutes through more mountains to the church we're working on.

The wood wasn't there at first so we played games with some kids and moved a ton of rocks to even out a pathway. Then the wood showed up and we unloaded it - after that there wasn't much to do because a man from the church cut the wood - so we played with the kids. Late in the afternoon we had mountain coffee and tuna sandwhiches...

then we played more and walked around, and it rained a little bit, and then we played Mafia, and then we had dinner - it wasn't very good and we don't really know what it was. And we had more coffee - so good! We came back to the place we're staying at and we walked to McDonad's and then to the grocery store. I bought some coffee for myself and for my mom and some jerk spice to take home and some snacks and water. We came back and had ice cream, played with a gecko, and had a devotional/worship time. Today when we were playing with the kids we sang "Hold Me Close" which the girls chose. The 11-year old, Delisha, had an amazing voice and it amazes me how God crosses cultures - the same worship songs, the same God. We also sang some Christmas songs. I've noticed that I keep forgetting that it's Christmastime. Tomorrow is New Year's Eve! So crazy.

I shouldn't be on here. Pishy's on her way (YAY!) and I still have a lot of cleaning to do and I'm in the middle of making homemade from scratch cinnamon rolls... yumm.... the yeast is currently rising I'm also taking breaks to continue reading the book....
Currently Reading
Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality
By Donald Miller
see related

So today was a good day. I went to my 8:30 (SHOCKER!!), then read for fun during Chapel and then came home and made my schedule for spring semester next year and then ate lunch and then watched two episodes of Friends Season 1 (yes Ryan I know I still have 9 - I should hold it ransom for switching our children)... then I got an eskimocha (Angie style!) and then registered for spring, then switched a class for fall, then turned in an app to Park Place day care, then came home and read for fun and then went to the apartment luau - free food (hamburger and hot dog cooked on the grill by none other than Chad Hacker) then came home and incubated (by that I mean leaned the lamp on the couch) the non-cracked robin egg Stacy found and changed and then ushered Romeo & Juliet which the wonderful Megs directed (and fyi for non AU students it was re-set in the Civil War era) and the wonderful Lady Capulet Melissa was played by Kae Fronckowiak, according to the program (meaning Melissa Kae Fronckowiak played Lady Capulet) then Perkins then this the end. Story?

Oh and I'm on chapter 8 I think of the book I'm reading and I highly recomend it.
Jamaica Post #2...

Wednesday 12-29-04
We got a lot of sleep last night and it felt really good. When we woke up we realized the place we're staying at isn't too bad and that last night we were just tired and cranky.

But we're all really looking forward to the villa. We found out that we aren't going to work on this church - we're working on the church that Sikon, a Jamaican AU student, goes to. It's pretty far away so we have to drive but we didn't have tranportation today. So we walked down the street and went to Dominoes for lunch (the only place we found quickly) and got some Jamaican juices from the grocery store next door. We also exchanged some money. We split into two groups - one group bought groceries for our breakfasts and my group went to find a card that Moose would put in his cell phone so it would work here, but his cell company locked it out, so that didn't work. We then went to the hardware store and bought some lumber to reubuild the church's roof. Then we all came back. Some people bleached the showers, some played frisbee, and I played cards with some people. Then a group of us went into town to go shopping. I bought a little flag for my brother. Then we came back and took a short nap. After my nap I changed my clothes and we all went to a jerk restaurant - spicy, but VERY good.

And the owner, "Logan, Vince Logan" was very friendly. Most of us had chicken, some had pork. There was a lot of little bones, but still it was good. For a side we had this thing called Festival - it was sort of like fried bread. we took some pictures and then came back. We had a time of relfection on the day. We had all noticed that the kids and the older people are really friendly, and the pople more our age aren't. We are the only caucasians here. This is definately not a part of Jamaica most Americans come to. We worshipped some, and then got ready for bed, played a few games of Mafia and then slept.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Go read my other post from today first...

The Jamaica posts begin... NOW WITH PICTURES!!!

Tuesday 12-28-04
I woke up at 2:30 this morning and took a shower and finished packing. Melissa Kae picked Lori and I up at 4:15 and took us to the airport. Our flight was delayed 20 minutes and we were supposed to connect in Philidelphia but there were a lot of planes coming in and so we were in a holding pattern for another twenty minutes. We arrived ten minutes or so before our next flight was supposed to leave and so we hurried all the way to the gate, but the plane wasn't leaving yet. We arrived in Montego Bay at 3pm - an hour later than we were supposed to. Then 14 (out of 17) of us waited (after going through customs) for an hour - until 5:00 pm for Moose (one of our leaders), Jason, and Crystal, because Crystal and Jason's luggage got lost. Then we loaded into this bus.

Our luggage took up the back two rows and then it was seated two on one side, one on the other side and then the aisle had fold-out seats. We rode into town and stopped at KFC because we hadn't eaten all day. Then we got in the bus - forever it seemed - four hours later we got to Mandeville at the church we were staying at. The pastor forgot we were coming or something and no one was there to let us in - we made some phone calls (the phone number Tri-S had given us wasn't working) and finally some one let us in. I don't really feel all that safe here, and it's not good living conditions. Worse than the Mexico trip.

We have bunks like in Kentucky with AUCME and there's cokraoches, the shower is a hole in the wall and I think I liked the solar showers better.

Some of us are talking about not showering until Montego Bay. I just keep thinking about how much better our villa is going to be. The bus ride here, although really long, was neat. It was dark so we saw some Christmas lights on houses - unlike America they're all just thrown on haphazardly. We drove through the mountains on a really curvy road (and on the left side). It was totaly random - people walking down the road, little shack stores, big houses and everything in between.
Okay here's the deal. I realized that I only told you about half of my Jamaica trip. I haven't told you about London yet. So... I'm going to. Starting with Jamaica. And I'm going to start over from the beginning, and now I know how to use pictures so yay! And even though Jamaica was several months ago I kept a journal while I was there and so I'll be able to use that. So I'm going to do one day in Jamaica a day. Like... today I'll tell you about the day we got there, tomorrow I'll tell you about the next day, etc. And I'll probably have two entries some days so one entry will be about Jamaica or London and the other entry will be about what happened the real day, like my other entries have been. Make sense? I don't know. So this entry is going to be what happened today...

Skipped my 9 to clean - I put away laundry, cleaned the living room, cleaned my desk (which was destroyed!) and I washed the dishes I didn't get to last week when I had kitchen. Then I got my package from the church at home, which was a caramel apple from the evil place that fired me this summer. hah. yeah. but they're good apples so I ate it after PE. Then I ran to the store to get green beans and cream of mushroom soup. Spitty came over for dinner and she and Stacy and I had jerk chicken, green bean casserole, cornbread, pink lemonade, and Jamaican coffee. hahaha yeah they don't really go together but they're all good Then I told her about London and now I'm here. Okay. The end.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

So yes this is my third entry today but I like to procrastinate. I just realized how crazy-busy my summer is going to be. And incredibly challenging spiritually. YAY! Okay here's the rundown...

Thursday, May 5th - last final
Thursday, May 5th - Sunday May 8th - I'll be home!
Sunday May 8th - Friday May 13th, or Saturday May 14th, or somewhere around there - living somewhere in Anderson (Maybe with Lori) and taking the Urban Ministry class
Friday May 13th or Saturday May 14th or somewhere near there - Friday May 27 or Saturday May 28th - Urban Ministry class in New York City and in Washington, D.C.
Saturday May 28th - Sunday July 31st Mercy House internship (I'll be doing internship stuff on MWF and working, I don't know where yet on Tues Thurs Sat and Sun evening. I'll have already missed 2 weeks because of the class).
Sunday July 31st-August 5th or 6th - Kids Kamp 3 at Warner Camp, followed by Chris and Katie's wedding on the 6th
August 6th moving back to Anderson hopefully with Lori to keep working wherever I'm working until classes start and I can move into East Campus
Okay so God answers prayer. I saw Lori in the BOD today and I think I might be able to live with her when I'm not living w/ interns (I don't know for sure, I haven't given her any details or anything). But yeah.. that would be amazing. And yes, I can and am doing KK3. YAY FOR WARNER! I miss it so much...
Yesterday I put in job applications at quite a few places. I'm getting a little stressed about the internship thing. I guess it's going to start May 14th, which is also when we can move into the house (if I understand correctly). Which means 1) I still need a place to live for a week between that when I'm taking my class and 2) I'm going to miss the first two weeks of the internship because of the class being in NYC and DC. And I still need to find a bed because it will cost a lot of money to bring my bed from home down here. Also, I found out that the internship will be done August 1st which means am I going to be able to live in the house for another month or am I going to have to move home for a month? But maybe that means I'll be able to do KK3 - isn't it in August? I still need Jimmy's email...

Story about AUCME in PA coming, I promise..

Friday, April 8, 2005

Quick summary of the week:

Monday - Finished reading "The Rising" and did other stuff, went to the women's shelter for class and then bought groceries... then had L'ami. After L'ami went to Perkins.

Tuesday - chapel, L'ami table, class, other stuff I don't remember, Matt's followed by SNS with the whole MH crew

Wednesday - class, set stuff, gene's, set from 6:30-9, then WalMart for more Feud stuff, then SNS w/ Jen and Mel and then back to WalMart fot the game

Thursday - class, chapel, shower, class presentation, feud stuff from 2-until feud was over at 9:30, then SNS w/ L'ami, the Meijer with Jen and Stacy for the game

Today - slept in, class (aka threw a football, badly, with Jen), packing, driving

Meadville, PA!

Okay that was a boring post. But yay for the game and yay for SNS three nights in a row, and Perkins the night before that and La Cha's the night before THAT. And yay for at La Cha's Deanna being hit on. And yay for Tuesday SNS seeing the La Cha's waiter there (not Mauricio) and then seeing him again last night at SNS.

Two week notice = 11 days

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Today I played "Song to Sing" on the piano. I pretty much sucked at it, but it's been a long time. At least I played it.

Goodbye four leaf clovers
Hello gone awry
Don't cry the fight ain't over
Unless you let it pass you by

I'm looking for a song to sing
I'm looking for a friend to borrow
I'm looking for my radio
So I might find a heart to follow
I've never been just longing for your loving
I've never been just wearing down to nothing
I've never been just looking for a reason
So that maybe you'd be thinking of me

All that I have found in reason
Is reason just to not believe
When all that you're left is treason
It's treason just to let it be

I'm looking for a song to sing
I'm looking for a friend to borrow
I'm looking for my radio
So I might find a heart to follow
I've never been just longing for your loving
I've never been just wearing down to nothing
I've never been just looking for a reason
So that maybe you'd be thinking of me

Blue yonder dreams and second hand shoes
You're so far gone that you live to choose
And it's too late to go home all alone
You're the tar in that old cigar
And the worn out cable on a cable car
And you're too tired to admit you've got to choose

I'm looking for a song to sing
I'm looking for a friend to borrow
I'm looking for my radio
So I might find a heart to follow
I've never been just longing for your loving
I've never been just wearing down to nothing
I've never been just looking for a reason
So that maybe you'd be thinking of me

(Then there is what I have been told is an unproduced bridge or verse to this song, it's written on the inside of the cd case)
Don't wander through this glassy surface
Expecting to find more than me
'Cause what am I without a purpose
But a lone mirage to see

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Random thought...

In high school band was my life. I spent countless hours during the week in symphonic band, marching band, pep band, jazz band. I don't do anything musical now. I hardly play my guitar or the piano, I don't even know the last time I picked up my flute.

Saturday, April 2, 2005

Wow... the semester is almost over! I'm really excited about this summer, I've already talked about that. I don't want to think about people graduating though. And it's weird to think that next year is my last...

Lots of thoughts... apparently computers aren't an appropriate way for me to voice my feelings, but it's okay for those who find it unfit for me. To those people - I do want to work things out. I do. I don't understand why it seems that I'm the one who has to intiate it each time. This will make time number four for one of you.

I'm leaving in two hours for AUCME. We're going to Battle Creek and my mom (and probably grandma) are coming to watch us Sunday. And my dad said he might come - that'd be a shocker. This will be my second to last AUCME. Next weekend we're going to Pennsylvania. I'm REALLY excited about it. Last year the best weekend was when we went to Kentucky b/c it was a longer drive where I got to know Tif really well, and then we all stayed in the same building (with spider-egg filled cots... yay KY!) And it was Friday-Sunday instead of just Sat-Sun. In PA we won't all be staying at the same place and we won't have Scott rapping in front of a few kids and grandparents who probably think rap is of Satan. And we won't all get to experience Ale 8 for the first time.

Kentucky was great.

PA will be great too..

(Picture minus Scott plus Nathaneal and Jesse)

Friday, April 1, 2005

Trying something new. If the picture works, that's where I wish I was right now...

I want it to be warmer again. Why did it go back to cold? That's a sad day.