City Sounds

i live in nashville, which is made up of 85.42% musician. i am not one of those, but i am a consumer of it. when people outside the city hear how much i love the music scene, they assume i'm a big country fan. i'm not. so i've complied this (inconclusive) list of nashville-based music that i love. so here are the sounds of my city; the soundtrack to my life.

andrew ripp
andy davis
ben rector
brooke waggoner
civil wars
drew holcomb & the neighbors
emily deloach
eric vinson
erin mccarley
gabe dixon
griffin house
hannah miller
jake ousley
katie herzig
madi diaz
mat kearney
matthew perryman jones
mikky ekko
nick flora
paper route
ryan horne
samuel gregg
seth philpott
stacy lantz
steve moakler
trent dabbs
tyler james