Friday, July 28, 2006

Moving, moving, and yes, more moving

I've moved a lot in my life for someone who has lived in the same house for twenty-two years. Kind of. Here's a quick run-down of my moving experiences, for those who care. If you don't care, then don't read this post, but still give me advice on the previous post, since no one has yet.

~1983-1984lived in a small house in the Joe.
~1984-2006 a bigger house down the street from the old house. I only live there still according to permanent address, driver's liscence, and the fact that I have belongings there.
~2002 Moved to Martin Hall @ AU
~summer 2003 moved back home
~2003 Moved to Myers Hall @ AU
~summer 2004 moved back home
~2004 Moved to Mansfield Apartments @ AU
~summer 2005 moved some stuff home
~that summer moved some stuff to Conner's garage
~that summer moved to Delaware Courts
~that summer moved to the intern house
~that summer moved back to Delaware Courts
~2005 moved to Fair Commons
~2006 moved home
~2006 moved to Arbor Village
~2006 moved to The Lemon Peel
~this weekend moving back to Arbor Village
~in two weeks moving back to Michigan
~one week later moving to Nashville, TN
~hopefully no longer than a month later moving to a different place in Nashville, TN

Also, so far I have lived with 24 people (for at least 2 weeks) and about 22 animals (2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 turtle, several fish and a litter of hamsters)

I can also carry two babies at once, feed two babies at once, and although I might have lost my mind in the process I have had significant training in case I ever become a single mother of quadrouplet infants. Let's just pray that never happens.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Living on My Own

I've never lived on my own before. I've always either had family or a roommate, or lots of roommates. I'm trying to decide if I want to live on my own when I get to Nashville or try to find a roommate. Besides the most obvious pro/con of roommates being cheaper, I'm faced with the following thoughts:

-Having a roommate would be nice in a new city
-I would most likely not know the roommate before living with them, which could be risky
-Living on my own would help me gain independence
-I could decorate how ever I want
-I could be as messy or as clean as I want
-I wouldn't have to share TV time or bathroom time
-If I lived alone I could end up hermitting myself and being lonely and bored
-Although it might force me to get out and do stuff more

Advice/thoughts from those who have or do live by themselves?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

There's a day care in Nashville that I've been talking with back and forth about working there. I had a brief phone interview in like March and then they told me to call them when I was in Nashville and that they'd stay in touch. Then in June they emailed me saying they had an infant room position open, but I had just agreed to sublease for two months, and I didn't want to back out on that to move yet. I emailed them again last week telling them when specifically I was going to be in Nashville. Now they emailed me back saying they do still have an infant room opening and as soon as I get to Nashville if the position is still open they want to schedule a face-to-face interview.

So here's hoping they have an opening still come mid-August. The place has great benefits including health and eye insurance, tax reductions on commuting costs, paid vacation and holiday time.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Thank you to my good friend Leslie for reminding me what taking risks is about.

When you take a risk you really have no choice but to trust God. Okay, maybe you do have a choice. But that's what I choose.

Friday, July 7, 2006

Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee


Life here in Indiana is going fairly well. The weather has been nice and cool, which is good because it saves money on not having turned on the central air at the house yet, which can get up to $30 a month with 6 people living here, I've been told. Community dinners are good, too with lots of neighborhood kids showing up. And a weekly girl's night has been started.

Also, yesterday two of my books arrived. I'm doing a few reading courses this summer until I officially get my diploma. Now that books are coming in, I have no excuse to not be doing them.

Stacy H, the old roomie, and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest last night/this morning. It started at 12:03 and the theatre was packed, with some people trying their best Jack Sparrow impersonation. We got out at 2:45 and I crashed at Stacy's. Didn't actually get to sleep until 3:30ish and woke up at 6:30 to be rush hour back to Anderson.

Work is going well. I love it still, even though some kids are a bit ornery (cough cough Will cough cough Jesse).


I've been xanga-MIA for a week or so because I had a long weekend. Monday and Tuesday the day care was closed for the 4th. So Friday night I went home for the weekend. Every time I go back up to Michigan I love it more and more - as a place to visit - and each time I'm equally glad that I don't still live there. I just miss living so close to the lake. I had a goal to go to the beach every day that weekened. It didn't happen, thanks be to the weather.

Friday I got there too late, like 11pm. But Saturday it was sunny and REALLY hot, but it was my friend Jeff's wedding. The thing about Jeff is, I don't ever remember not knowing him. His family moved into a house a block down the road from the house I grew up in, when I was three. He and my brother met at school and so then our mom's met, and so did his sister Libby and myself. In elementary John (my bro) and Jeff were inseperable, as were Libby and I, and our moms. In junior high they moved to Ohio, and then by high school they were back in Michigan. Libby and I are still friends and still get together almost every time I'm home, but after they moved back to Michigan we weren't best friends anymore. Still friends, just not best. It happens. John and Jeff drifted apart too, and actually the wedding was the first time I had seen Jeff in a couple of years. But seeing him get married was just another realization of how we're all growing up. Memories of him picking Libby's nose came rushing back. Memories are good.

Sunday it rained a bit, but I had my lucky umbrella. Now, I don't really believe in luck but it's fun to say it's my lucky umbrella. I bought it in Japan because it was way awesome and cheap, but I haven't really used it yet! Yes, there have been rainy days but either I don't have the umbrella on me or it's just sprinkling. But whenever I do grab the umbrella because it looks like rain, I don't end up needing it. So it rained on our way up to South Haven, MI but quit by the time we got up there. We were there to see the art fair. Which, by the way, made me realize how badly I really do want to do photography.

And no trip to South Haven is complete without a visit to Sherman's ice cream.

Sunday evening the sun started peeking back out and my mom and I did get a chance to make a few laps at the yacht club swimming pool.

Monday it rained and was kind of chilly all day. Mom and I saw The Lake House, it's good. The rain cleared off in time for Monday-night fireworks off of the pier, but not before lightning hit some girl and her grandma, so the newspapers say.

Tuesday morning was breakfast with mom, Libby, and her mom. Good times had by all. Tuesday afternoon I finally got to hit up the beach - Lincoln Township to be exact. But only for about an hour. It was perfect weather and there were some waves which made it swimmable, but not boring. But the water was c-c-c-cold. But I got an hour of tanning time in.


It's official. I'm moving to Nashville, Tennessee the weekend of Aug 11th. Do I have a place to live? Kinda. Do I have a job? No. Am I going anyway? Yes. Do I have a reason? Because I can.