Monday, November 27, 2006

Two days in a row? How can that be?

In a few hours I'll begin my long trek back to Nashville. As soon as my mom gets home from work she's taking me over to Chicago and we're going to try to meet my brother for dinner, and then to the airport I go. I think I should be home around 9:30 Central Time. Then it's back to reality.

It's always nice to have a break from the routine. The real world doesn't offer enough breaks. Missing fall break, not having a month off for Christmas, and no spring break! I guess I just need to get a job at a college, hahaha.

Yesterday I went through and read SO many xanga's. I hadn't read anybody's since mid-August and so I just went through and did it! I skipped some and skimmed others, but most of them I read pretty thoroughly. I think I need to make a weekly or maybe bi-weekly trip to the library just to keep up to date with everyone.

It was good to be home this weekend, but it was weird being in my bedroom without any of my stuff. This room (the computer is in my old room) used to have my dresser, my bed, my nightstand, and so many books and candles and other little things that belonged to me. And then this summer since I was a vagabond I had boxes full of shoes and clothes and whatnot filling the room. Now it's just this computer and a little table my mom bought me at a garage sale, which I can't take home until Christmas, because getting that on the plane would be ridiculous.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Forver later here I am again on Xanga. I still don't have internet and I don't think I'll be getting any time soon, so that's why I've been xanga-mia. A plane, two trains, and a short car ride later I have come home for Thanksgiving. I'm flying back to Nashville on Monday.

Life is going good, I'm loving Tennessee and I like my job, but I do miss a lot of people from Anderson, so my theory is that everybody should just move to Nashville. And I miss salsa dancing a lot too. It seems like when I xanga'd all the time I always had something to say but now that I haven't posted in a month I got nothing. Maybe just because I feel like since I've been absent for so long I should come back with something worthwhile. Well, I don't really have anything worthwhile for you today. Maybe another month of absence will give me time to come up with something.