30 before 30

on august 18th, i blogged my list of 30 things to do before i turn 30, leaving me 18 months to get it all done. (the big 3-oh will be february, 21, 2013.)

here's the list. i will cross them off and possibly link to related blogs as i accomplish my goals:

1. reach a healthy weight.
2. read the entire bible, including the apocrypha.
3. read every unread book i own.
4. organize files (paper & electronic).
5. run a 5k.
6. have a small emergency fund.
7. write a hand-written letter and send it via snail mail.
8. leave the country. (it's been five years [minus driving around canada from 3am to 5am once in 2008])
9. visit a new state.
10. go to a drive-in movie.
11. watch the "back to the future" trilogy.
12. watch the dark side of the rainbow.
13. return to warner camp. (it's been six years)
14. buy a little black dress.
15. learn to drive a stick-shift.
16. do something concrete to better my photography.
17. shoot a (real) gun.
18. pay off my 401k loan.
19. become a member of midtown.
20. interview someone who makes a living doing what they love.
21. do something creative with my broken mug.
22. purchase domains for my blog, photographs, and etsy.
23. visit dinosaur world (kentucky).
24. visit mammoth cave.
25. walk the cumberland river pedestrian bridge.
26. make baked caramel apple donuts.
27. go camping. in the woods. in a tent. with friends. (it's been 11 years)
28. visit a physician. (it's been 10 years)
29. discover my story. write it down.
30. make a list of 30 people who have influenced my life.