Saturday, September 3, 2011

30 before 30 update: back to the future trilogy

i can officially cross #11 off my "30 before 30" list: watching the back to the future trilogy. i don't know why it took me 26 years to watch it, but it did. big thanks to nick for lending his dvd set.

overall, i really enjoyed the movies and can tell why they are such classics. and it's out of love that i present the following commentary:

part 1
-if i was lorraine and biff had assaulted me in high school, i don't think i would allow him to be around my family and detailing my car.
-when lorraine and george got older and saw marty grow up, wouldn't they think "hey, he looks just like that kid who set us up". i mean, maybe not, but still... gotta wonder.

part 2
-so four years from now we're going to have hoverboards, flying cars, automatic michael jackson servers at diners, kids won't play games with their hands anymore, and inflation will be crazy! ($40 for a pepsi?) i don't want to know what happens between now and 2015 that will cause all that crazy change to happen so fast.

part 3
-take the fringe off marty's shirt and he looks like a nashville hipster from 2011.
-all throughout the second movie and the beginning of the first movie, doc keeps mentioning how time travel was a bad and idea and he needs to destroy the time machine. so then why would he create a new one, just for the purpose of getting einstein bakc?
-how can doc stay in 1885 and procreate in 1885 without messing up timelines?
-now i want to watch seasons 4 & 5 of lost.

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