Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Post Christmas Post

Greetings. Christmas was good, minus the lack of snow and the prescence of an annoying 8-year old cousin, whom NOBODY likes.

As far as my gifts go, even my mom said it was more like a bridal shower (no I'm not engaged, that confused a few friends when I said that). Most of my gifts were things for my apartment.

I had a good time here at home, there are few people I wish I had the chance to see, but schedules conflicted. And in an hour and a half (mind you it's 4:30 am my time) my mom and grandma and I will be on our way to Nashville. It's going to be a 10 hour drive since my grandma is in tow (she's slow and will need several extra potty breaks). And unfortunately for me, my iPod is acting up and it will not be able to entertain me. The fam will be down there tonight, tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday. Which will be a little crazy because I work tomorrow and Friday, and also on Friday Stacy H is coming down to visit me.

Which makes me very happy! I haven't seen her since homecoming and we're going to attempt to go salsa dancing, and also attempt to shut down a Mexican restaurant and turn it into a salsa club. We will also ring in the new year in a way we have not yet planned. Maybe she can help me consume the Mike's in my fridge or the Tabor Hill wines I bought yesterday. (Side note: Martin's carded me, which is good. But I have yet to get carded in Tennessee).

I don't know how to end this post.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


So the past week in a nutshell:

Friday - Got to hang out with Miss Lantz and Mr. and Mrs. Conner at good ole Fido - it sure was great to see them.

Saturday - Christmas party at a friend's house. She and her sister were the only two people I knew. I started the party off with a margarita, had no food yet, didn't feel anything, drank a second and DEFINATELY felt that one and after a few more hours had her new concoction: a Merry Catherine. The name is because 1) they are catholic and 2) she made it for her sisiter whose name is Catherine and 3) Merry because it had a christmas tree stir-er stick thing. It was 1 shot raspberry vodka 1 shot peach schnapps and sierra mist and marichino cherry juice with cherry and lime garnish. Well done Miss Levins, well done.

(side note - earlier last week we had our work Christmas party and my boss gave us all a little bottle of peppermint schnapps. So weird as an ex-AU-er and ex Park Place employee)

Um okay so that's all that's been exciting. Here's a little list....

Things I Like

-Seeing old friends
-Living on my own
-Holding a warm cup of joe, even if the joe is all gone
-The warm bottle of soapy water at work
-New shampoo and toothpaste
-Making non-verbs into verbs (ie when getting m&ms from a vending machine, one is going to "vend" m&ms)

Things I Don't Like

-Miss Hewitt not xangaing
-People who "hover" for parking spots - especially when the owner of the exiting car isn't even to their car yet
-I had a list in my mind of other things but now I forgot

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow: A Tender Tennessee Christmas

Well, I thought the weather in the midwest was weird, but I guess I was wrong.

Tuesday through Thursday this week in middle Tennessee were in the mid-seventies, and then Yesterday during my morning commute there were flurries coming my way and I believe the low was in the 20's. Flurries are nothing but it still made me excited because I miss snow so much! There is something fundamentally wrong about driving to the store to buy a Christmas tree well past sundown, and still having your sunroof open.

I bought myself an artificial tree. I thought about getting a real one because they smell so Christmasy and wonderful, but I knew I wouldn't be able to put it up myself and I'm still haunted by the last time my family purchased one - there wasn't a single needle left by Christmas Eve. So I am now the proud owner of a 7.5 foot slim Rocky Mountain Pine which is now decked in 300 blue mini lights, 30 little white snowflakes,18 pale blue transparent snowflakes, 15 royal blue glittery snowflakes, 10 white sparkle snowflakes, 10 clear sparkle snowflakes, and one big silver snowflake tree topper. I love my tree! Perhaps next week sometime I'll post a picture.