Thursday, December 21, 2006


So the past week in a nutshell:

Friday - Got to hang out with Miss Lantz and Mr. and Mrs. Conner at good ole Fido - it sure was great to see them.

Saturday - Christmas party at a friend's house. She and her sister were the only two people I knew. I started the party off with a margarita, had no food yet, didn't feel anything, drank a second and DEFINATELY felt that one and after a few more hours had her new concoction: a Merry Catherine. The name is because 1) they are catholic and 2) she made it for her sisiter whose name is Catherine and 3) Merry because it had a christmas tree stir-er stick thing. It was 1 shot raspberry vodka 1 shot peach schnapps and sierra mist and marichino cherry juice with cherry and lime garnish. Well done Miss Levins, well done.

(side note - earlier last week we had our work Christmas party and my boss gave us all a little bottle of peppermint schnapps. So weird as an ex-AU-er and ex Park Place employee)

Um okay so that's all that's been exciting. Here's a little list....

Things I Like

-Seeing old friends
-Living on my own
-Holding a warm cup of joe, even if the joe is all gone
-The warm bottle of soapy water at work
-New shampoo and toothpaste
-Making non-verbs into verbs (ie when getting m&ms from a vending machine, one is going to "vend" m&ms)

Things I Don't Like

-Miss Hewitt not xangaing
-People who "hover" for parking spots - especially when the owner of the exiting car isn't even to their car yet
-I had a list in my mind of other things but now I forgot

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