Sunday, January 31, 2010

i have a date

tomorrow night, i have a date. and i'm pretty excited about it.

it's a date with my former self: old letters from friends, my old journals, and probably my current journal as well. and of course, a glass of wine (or maybe two).

i figure the best way to start discovering who i am is to remind myself of who i've been.

i promise to let you all know how it goes.

p.s. in my last post, i mentioned trying to finish a book before february. i accomplished said goal. phew.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

an apology with a hint of what's to come

wow. i guess i've kind of neglected ye ole bloggyblog, especially in comparison to when i blogged every day in december. but, i've had three good reasons for doing so:

1. i've been too busy going to see live music. i know, i know. i see live music a lot. but i've already gotten a pretty good start on 2010 - i've been to seven shows already this year. maybe that's a lame excuse for not blogging. but excuse number 2 you can't deny is excellent.

2. i've been too busy watching lost. on the nights that i haven't been at a show (and, well, probably some nights that i also went to a show), i've been re-watching the previous seasons of lost. i got caught up in the lost-frenzy right before season 3 aired, and so the past couple years i've made it a point to re-watch all the episodes leading up to the new season. i have several reasons for doing this: a) i'm a dork. b) there are things you notice in previous seasons that make more sense now that you know what you know, you know? c) i'm a dork. not a lost fan? don't appreciate my addiction? then how does excuse number 3 sound?

3. i've been reading more. something i intended to do last year, but just never really did. in fact, i started reading st. augustine's 'confessions' back in july. yeah, july. (though, technically, i really started reading back in 2005 when it was assigned for a class. but i never finished it then either. though, i did pass the class.) and there's another book i want to start reading very soon, but i know if i start it before finishing confessions, i will never finish confessions. so i have determined that i WILL finish it before february.

those are my excuses. but whatever. i only have four more days until the final season of lost starts, and 16 episodes to watch in that amount of time (so it's a good thing i don't have any more live music events planned until february). and i have three days left of the month, with about 25 pages of that book to go. and yeah, 25 pages in three days can easily be done for a normal book (okay let's face it, 25 pages can be done in about 30 minutes for a normal book), and it's not that this book is *that* hard of a read, it just doesn't grab my attention, so i zone out while reading it, then have to go back and re-read what i just read in order to know what it is that i just read. but didn't come this far to not finish it, so, there you go.

i do plan to blog more in february (though not every day). and part of my plans for blogging more in february involve blogging about that book i want to start in february. but you have to wait until then to find out what it is. but let me tell you. i'm excited.... excited about what it means for this blog, for my real-paper-journal, for my soul, and for who i am, whoever that is.

oh. and p.s. another project i've been occupied with this month? i received an external hard drive for christmas. and so i've been trying to take all my old pictures off the internets in order to save them on the drive and reorganize them. 'cause i have a million facebook albums, and two flickr accounts. yes, two. let me tell you. it's not easy organizing photos from so long ago, but boy it sure brings back a lot of memories. i think this will also help with my february blog project. stay tuned.

Monday, January 11, 2010


i cannot be defined.

i'm an artist, but i like rules and order. but i like to break the rules and order.

i need routine, but i need to mix it up.

i'm shy and quite, but i'm an extrovert. i need to be around people, but retreat to solitude.

i love the city. i love the country.

i crave independence and i thrive in community.

i'm all over the place.

i'm right here.

i don't fit the mold. i don't break the mold.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

now you know.

jen challenged me to share a few things with you that you might not know about me. there are probably a lot of things, but it's surprising how hard it seems to come up with anything. when i read her post on the topic, i thought of an old post of mine where i listed 100 things that make me happy. it's not exactly the same, but it's similar. so maybe i'm cheating by digging up an old post, but it's interesting to see that my favorite things from over a year ago are still some of my favorite things.

though i have to say, i can't remember the last time i left a fun note on any co-worker's desk. i might have to revisit that little habit.

Monday, January 4, 2010

days like these.

today was a good day. another day that reminds me of just how much i love living in nashville.

that's all.