Monday, April 14, 2008

Home On The Road

Well I departed Nashville on Saturday morning. Saturday evening I went bowling in the ole college town. Sunday morning I went to the old college church. At the moment I'm in Mocha Joe's.... (coffee shop on campus).

It's funny how in these places I see only one or two faces I recognize, and yet it still feels like home. I think I wrote something similar when I got back from homecoming back in October. But it's nice to know that even if I only know a few people still in town, that it's still home to me. I haven't lived here in two years, and it's a town that changes constantly (well, the people do. everything else is the same).

I love it. Anderson is my home. Michigan is my home. Nashville is my home.

The road is my home. I feel just as welcome and just as at peace on the road.

This journey has just begun.

Friday, April 4, 2008

april showers

(for your reading pleasure, i will copy and paste my a's into this blog).

the past few nights i haven't been able to sleep very well. i've tossed and turned all night, i've been waking up at odd hours. i've been having the strangest dreams... one dream my friend's apartment caves in, the next dream my co-worker is standing in my mom's front lawn mooing, and then later still some of my friends are trying to exorcise a giant bloody eyeball that is resting in a wheelbarrow. honestly, i couldn't make this stuff up (well, i couldn't make it up outside of my subconcious).

as i sit here with my morning cup of coffee (which i desperately need today, as i've already been awake for an hour, and i'm usually just now rolling out of bed), i'm listening to the storm roll through (for the second or third morning in a row now) and i am reminded that when the storms come, they also go. they sometimes leave behind damage, but that damage only creates character.

i wouldn't neccessarily say i'm going through any sort of major life-storm right now, but it has been a stressful month (starting in the beginning of march) that is rolling into a new stressful month at work.

i know it's nothing i can't handle, but it has been daunting at times.

but in a week, i'll be free (if only for a little while). my body, mind, and soul are desperately craving the week of freedom. the week of friends, live music, and the open road. (and even less sleep than i've been getting this week)