Monday, September 29, 2008


in the past week-ish i've been reminded...

-that rest is necessary.
-that god is in control.
-that i am not in control.
-that it is better that i am not in control.
-that seasons always change.
-that change is good.
-that i can speak up for myself.
-that i am worth having my thoughts and feelings aknowledged.
-that tough things make the simple things even better.
-that sometimes people can surprise you.
-that sometimes all you need is a pumpkin spice latte to make the world seem better.
-that late nights + woodchuck + live music + friends = good times.
-that late nights + woodchuck + live music + friends + early mornings + too much work = exhaustion.

hello, autumn. you are my favorite, and i am glad that you are here.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

i may rip my hair out.

it's wednesday morning, 6:51am and my co-worker jamie is on her way to pick me up to take me to work. before going in this morning, i already have worked 44.5 hours this WEEK. meaning, since friday. i worked 9 hours saturday, 12 hours sunday, 13.5 hours monday, and 11.5 hours yesterday. maybe i didn't do the math right. maybe i did. i do not know.

the last time i had a full day off was august 17th.

my car broke down 6:30 monday morning on my way into work. they said it was the timing belt and they replaced it for $525.00 and now they are saying it's still not working and they don't know if it's the distributor or the ignitor, and that it might be $550 MORE to fix that. i am going to get a second opinion today.

my friend mel's car broke down this week as well, and she won't be able to get hers fixed until friday evening, so she is no longer coming down to visit me this weekend like she was planning on doing.

i'll probably work all weekend again anyway. or something.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

100 things...

that make me happy.

1. the smell of rain
2. falling in love with a song
3. holding something warm
4. a great cup of coffee
5. making someone smile
6. trying new recipes
7. opening up my home to others
8. traveling to a new place
9. a new bottle of lotion or shampoo or jar of peanut butter...
10. inspiring photographs
11. autumn
12. bonfires
13. stepping on a crunchy leaf
14. the calm before the storm
15. waking up to the sound of rain
16. the way my brother's dog gets so excited to see me
17. leaving the country
18. paying with exact change
19. keeping in touch with distant friends
20. the smell of grapes ripening
21. lake michigan
22. sunsets
23. harvest moons
24. snail mail (as in a real card or letter, not just junk and bills)
25. live music
26. hugs
27. inside jokes
28. creative moments
29. being reminded that it's a small world
30. hearing someone speak in a foreign language
31. flying
32. the feeling of accomplishment
33. open fields
34. cityscapes
35. the open road
36. dilapidated barns
37. when snow looks glittery
38. babies
39. sunday afternoon naps
40. the back of waterfalls
41. camping
42. coffee shops
43. the tree on the corner of 21st ave & bernard ave, nashville
44. having my thoughts and beliefs challenged
45. sleeping with the windows open
46. leaving notes on my co-workers desks
47. being barefoot
48. finding the perfect song for the moment
49. pajamas
50. touching the different fabrics in stores
51. finding the perfect gift to give someone
52. the comedies of life
53. sweatshirts
54. spontaneity
55. roller coasters
56. having a fire in the fireplace
57. christmas decorations & traditions
58. dawn
59. sailing
60. giant snowflakes that fall slowly
61. my coffee mug collection
62. watching candles burn
63. hand-made journals
64. finishing a good book
65. being wrapped in lots of blankets
66. dew
67. rays of sunshine through the clouds
68. sarcasm
69. swinging
70. revisiting my childhood
71. taking pictures of doors
72. a knowing smile
73. reading old letters
74. the sound of rapid typing
75. remembering that this life is not my own
76. accents
77. red wine
78. watching others chase their dreams
79. feeling a cold front come in
80. the smell of sun-soaked skin
81. discovering hole-in-the-wall places
82. being waved at
83. small acts of kindness (doing them and receiving them)
84. getting lost in the moment
86. having someone play with my hair
87. "single tear" moments
88. porches
89. big cities
90. uncontrollable laughter
91. surprises
92. how green everything looks after a good rain
93. being the recipient of gentlemenly behavior
94. waking up with the sun and the birds rather than an alarm
95. recognizing the truth of the gospel in secular situations
96. comfortable silences
97. finding a new favorite pen that writes really well
98. going on walks
99. warner camp in grand junction, mi
100. red dirt
(101. not caring if anyone thinks this list is cheesey)