Wednesday, September 10, 2008

i may rip my hair out.

it's wednesday morning, 6:51am and my co-worker jamie is on her way to pick me up to take me to work. before going in this morning, i already have worked 44.5 hours this WEEK. meaning, since friday. i worked 9 hours saturday, 12 hours sunday, 13.5 hours monday, and 11.5 hours yesterday. maybe i didn't do the math right. maybe i did. i do not know.

the last time i had a full day off was august 17th.

my car broke down 6:30 monday morning on my way into work. they said it was the timing belt and they replaced it for $525.00 and now they are saying it's still not working and they don't know if it's the distributor or the ignitor, and that it might be $550 MORE to fix that. i am going to get a second opinion today.

my friend mel's car broke down this week as well, and she won't be able to get hers fixed until friday evening, so she is no longer coming down to visit me this weekend like she was planning on doing.

i'll probably work all weekend again anyway. or something.

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