Friday, February 24, 2006

Birthday celebration continues....

First, at work Janet gave me a framed thing that had all the babie's pictures on it and it says "Happy Birthday Holly" on it - it's really cute. She gave it to me yesterday because she wasn't there on Tuesday and Wednesday I don't think she was "there".

Then Angie, Chris, and Stacy and I went salsa dancing. Not that we don't normally go, but this time Angie and I both wore skirts and Stacy wore a dress (we normally just wear pants). Also Stacy and I usually leave around 1:15, 1:30 because I have German at 8:00am every day - but yesterday afternoon I took a nap and then I was able to stay out until it closed - so we got home at like 3:45am. So then I emailed my German prof (good ole Inge!) and told her that I had been salsa dancing and just got back and probably wouldn't be able to wake up for class - so I'm going to the noon class. I love knowing prof's well.

Uhh.. and I didn't break any AU guidelines or anything. What?

Yeah it was a funtime. Oh - so at one point toward the end of the night I was starting to get tired and Chris had left a long time ago, and Angie and Stacy were dancing and so I was just sitting there watching them, letting my feet rest. And I guess I wasn't smiling or anything (who just sits there by themselves and smiles?) Anyway - Supposedly one of Angie's latino friends - Victor - asked her what my name was and why I wasn't smiling. Then she told him it was my birthday. So then he talked to the DJ and then either the DJ or Victor said over the sound system "Happy Birthday Holly. Smile, Holly." It was funny. Then Victor started dancing with me and he said something but the music was loud and all I heard was "for your birthday." Then he just left and had another guy dance with me and I was confused - until I realized he had said something like getting a lot of guys to dance with me. So I would dance with a guy for less than half a song and then he would switch guys haha. It was fun. This lasted for like 3 or 4 songs. Good times. Then they all gave me a group hug ha.

On that note...

Ich bin ein kleiner Indianer.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Do you ever look at a decision that a friend has made and think "that is so not right". Only the thing is, you can't really put your finger on what is so "not right" about that decision? It's hard because, I want to say something to this friend - actually I tried long before the decision was made - but it just didn't happen because... I don't even know what the problem is. It just doesn't feel right to me or something. I don't know. I guess all I can do is stand by and watch and hope that it works out for the best, despite my nagging intuition.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Translation of previous post....

Xanga in German!

I know that no one can read this (just Krista, Angie, and Manuel). But I am really bored, so I write in German. I'm sitting in Mocha Joe's and am NOT drinking coffee. Really! But I would like to drink a Freeze. This morning I drank coffee, and at noon I drank soda. But I am very tired, because last night I went to bed late, and then got up early. That was because I went salsa dancing. It was a lot of fun because Stacy, Angie, Stacy W, Amy, Chris, and Cassie went with. I want to go again next week for my birthday. Yeah, that's right - my birthday is Tuesday. Then I will be 23 years old.... I am very old. This weekend I will visit my parents (and brother and grandparents). On Saturday I will eat with my mom, brother, and grandma. On Sunday I will eat with my dad and grandma and grandpa. On Monday I will go to the church and make books. Tuesday is my birthday. I will take a long bath. On Wednesday, nothing. Thursday I will go salsa dancing again. I like making books. On Friday I will go to The Vogue and dance. I want to invite you all. We should have a lot of fun. Now I will buy coffee. I work in an hour. I like to work. It's fun. That's all. Bye.

Xanga auf Deutsch

Ich weisse, dass nieman kann dies lesen (nur Krista, Angie, und Manuel). Aber ich habe viel Langeweile, so schriebe ich auf Deutsch. Ich sitzen im Mocha Joe's und Kaffee NICHT trinken. Wirklich! Aber ich moechte ein Freeze trinken. Heute Morgen habe ich Kaffee getrunken, und heute Mittag habe ich Coke getrunken. Aber ich bin sehr muede, weile ich gestern nacht spaet ins Bett gegangen, und denn bin ich froeh aufgestehen. Dass war weile ich habe salsatanzen gegangen. Es war viel Spass, weile Stacy, Angie, Stacy W, Amy, Chris, und Cassie haben mit gegangen. Ich will nachste Woche wieder gangen fuer mein Geburtstag. Ja, das ist richtig - ich habe am Dienstag Geburtstag! Denn bin ich dreiundzwangzig Jahre alt..... ich bin sehr alt. Diese Wochenende besuche ich meine Eltern (und Bruder und Grosseletern). Am Samstag will ich mit meine Mutter, mein Bruder, und meine Grossmutter essen. Am Sonntag will ich mit mein Vater und meine Grossmutter und mein Grossvater essen. Am Montag will ich zu Kierche gehen und Buecher machen. Ich mache Buecher gern. Am Dienstag ist mein Geburstag! Ich will ein lange Bade machen. Am Mittwoch will ich nichts. Am Donnerstag ich will wieder salsatanzen gehen. Am Freitag will ich zum The Vogue gangen, und tanze!!! Ich moechte euch einlanden! Wir sollen viel Spass haben! Ich will jetzt Kaffee kaufen. In ein Stunde arbeite ich. Ich arbeite gern! Es ist Spass. Das ist alles. Tschuess!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

I have not written a real post in a long time. Yet, this is not the time. At least not for a "what's been going on in Holly's head/heart" post. But I can tell you what I've been up to!

The past week...

Carpe Semesto #18 - Doing the Daily Crossword, Crytpoquip, Sudoku, Word Jumble, and Word Slueth in Mocha Joe's with Stacy Lantz, Krista Allen, Jen Brooks, Kris Stevens, Nick Pease, and whomever else happens to be around - the crossword is ALWAYS a group effort - but so far we've never missed more than 5 letters!

Carpe Semesto #19 - Bound 4 Freedom! It started again and so far I've made one journal and one cover and have spent some good time with Krista, Audrey, Ray, and Rae

Carpe Semesto #20 - Stacy Lantz concert Friday night. She opened for Rob Alan at The Living Room and did AMAZING!

Carpe Semesto #21 - Going to Ivanhoe's later this afternoon with Christy and Lacey.

An update on two past Carpe Semesto's..

First, the Water Polo team. The first few weeks it started I was really tired and had lots of homework and didn't make to any games and so I kinda just gave up on being on the team.

Second, remember how I said I wanted to take a picture every day? That lasted like three days until that one day I threw up at church and then I didn't take any that day and stayed home the next and didn't take any pictures again, and then I tried to take one that next day and the batteries were dead. So then I kept forgetting new batteries and then I kept forgetting the camera. But starting tomorrow I want to try again.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

By far, the ULTIMATE Carpe Semesto Experience...

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:

Carpe Semesto #17

Lately I have been driving to classes. Yes, it's only a block away but 1) it's cold and 2) I have class at 8am and 3) don't get home until after 6pm, and so prior to the past week or so it was dark for both commutes. But yesterday I started walking again - now that it's getting lighter out.

Let's just say I made the right decision by walking to German at 7:45am. Because that means I would have had to walk home from work at 6:00pm.

So I'm in the office at work and I don't feel like walking back, because it's cold and also because my bag was SUPER heavy. So I ask Kristen (who lives in my building) if she drove to work and she said no because she totaled her car. But she tells me Kelly is going to drive her home. Kelly is our administrative assistant.

So then Kelly tells us she's dogsitting and has to pick up the dog first, if that's okay with us. We agree that's fine. Oh wait, did I mention who she was dogsitting for?

That's right. The one and only P Eddy. (For non AU students that's what we affectionately call President Edwards - the AU President). So she pulls into his driveway and gives Kristen and I a tour of his house, all with Charlie (a white poodle for those who don't know) following us around excited to see Kelly (they're friends).

His house is HUGE!!! A lot bigger than it looks from the outside. It has FIVE bedrooms, each with it's own little sitting area and there are five bathrooms too. There's a big foyer and a spiral staircase (three of the bedrooms are upstairs). A big formal living room and a back family room too. I was quite impressed.