Friday, February 17, 2006

Translation of previous post....

Xanga in German!

I know that no one can read this (just Krista, Angie, and Manuel). But I am really bored, so I write in German. I'm sitting in Mocha Joe's and am NOT drinking coffee. Really! But I would like to drink a Freeze. This morning I drank coffee, and at noon I drank soda. But I am very tired, because last night I went to bed late, and then got up early. That was because I went salsa dancing. It was a lot of fun because Stacy, Angie, Stacy W, Amy, Chris, and Cassie went with. I want to go again next week for my birthday. Yeah, that's right - my birthday is Tuesday. Then I will be 23 years old.... I am very old. This weekend I will visit my parents (and brother and grandparents). On Saturday I will eat with my mom, brother, and grandma. On Sunday I will eat with my dad and grandma and grandpa. On Monday I will go to the church and make books. Tuesday is my birthday. I will take a long bath. On Wednesday, nothing. Thursday I will go salsa dancing again. I like making books. On Friday I will go to The Vogue and dance. I want to invite you all. We should have a lot of fun. Now I will buy coffee. I work in an hour. I like to work. It's fun. That's all. Bye.

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