Saturday, March 27, 2010

a general ponderment* over brunch with a friend.

they never fall until they realize they are in the air.

you know. on cartoons. they always run off the side of a cliff and are running along in mid-air perfectly fine. but then they look down, realize nothing is supporting them, and it's in that moment that they fall.

i feel like this holds some sort of symbolism to life.

*i like to make up words.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

identifying my boston(s)

back in '04, i was *sure* that after college i would move to boston and be a part of a church plant. well, that never happened. what happened instead was that moved to nashville, and, well, i'm still trying to figure out the rest.

which, for a brief moment, i thought maybe i knew what that was. but now it seems i was wrong. and upon realizing this, i was disappointed. and then i remembered boston.

you see, as cool as it probably would have been to do a church plant in boston, i am so in love with nashville (which you probably know by now). so much so, that i can't picture this time of my life in any other setting. i may have had my plan figured out, but god's plan was so much better.

and so, six years later (i feel old saying that) here i am with another plan slipping between my fingers. instead of holding on, i am learning to realize the beauty in letting go, and embracing what only god can orchestrate. this was just another boston.

Monday, March 22, 2010

food for thought

tonight, i give you a brief post, a quote from one of my lovely roommates, lyndsey:

"We're ALL human and the sooner we realize we're incapable of living up to our own unrealistic expectations of spiritual & moral perfection, the more productive we can be as a society & the more encouraging we will become as lovers of humanity."

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i know, i know

i haven't been blogging much this month. i've been keeping pretty busy... all a good busy. the kind of busy where i'm not quite exhausted, but i'm definitely not bored.

and i've been fairly vague lately, but it's one of those things where it seems like the puzzle pieces are fitting together so perfectly, that i fear if i mention them, the whole thing will fall apart.

so for now, vague remains.

and for now, i prepare....

prepare for the weeks ahead full of visiting with old friends, making new friends, road trips, live music, and of course, coffee.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

(un)expected romance and praying the wrong prayer

so, i'm single. really single. and i have been my whole life for a really long time. and there are times when that's really hard. but lately i've been reminded of the joys of being single. one of my best friends was just in nash this weekend visiting. she's been married for almost two years now. she absolutely adores her husband (and he adores her), and i couldn't be happier for them. but just the little things she said reminded me to embrace the freedoms of my singleness.

but sometimes that's hard. because i'm a girl. and as such, i want to be romanced. and then i remembered that i have a lover who knows romance like no other. and so i prayed this morning that god would show me his romance today. and he did, in a couple ways.

i prayed that prayer in the shower. when i got out of the shower and walked back into my bedroom to get ready for the day, i witnessed another gorgeous sunrise. and the birds were chirping. spring was definitely in the air. and in that moment i heard his gentle whisper:

and then this afternoon i went on my lunch break, and on the way back to the office, i turned the corner. the same corner i've turned hundreds of times before. when turning this corner, i go up a slight hill and at the crest of the hill is a stunning view of nashville's skyline. i've seen it countless times. but today, today it caught my attention in a new way. i was instantly reminded of how much i love this city, its people, and its music. and then he reminded me that he placed me here. he placed me in this city, provided me with a job, a home, roommates, friends, community, a church, and a love for music.

[sidenote: just as i turned the corner and saw nashville and thought of nashville and how much i love nashville, my ipod, on shuffle, started playing a song by seth philpott called.... nashville. how perfect. (sidenote's sidenote: you can get the song on brite revolution. check it out.)]

he loves me. he romances me. the gentle reminders of his love are there all the time. and when i realized that, i realized i prayed the wrong prayer this morning. i had prayed that he would show me his romance. but he already does that, whether i ask him to or not, whether i care to see it or not. what i should have prayed is that i would open my eyes and be more aware. and that i would love him back the way he deserves. he makes the birds sing, he makes the sun rise, he casts light onto the skyline of the city i love, he provides the perfect soundtrack. the least i can do is offer him my life.