Wednesday, March 24, 2010

identifying my boston(s)

back in '04, i was *sure* that after college i would move to boston and be a part of a church plant. well, that never happened. what happened instead was that moved to nashville, and, well, i'm still trying to figure out the rest.

which, for a brief moment, i thought maybe i knew what that was. but now it seems i was wrong. and upon realizing this, i was disappointed. and then i remembered boston.

you see, as cool as it probably would have been to do a church plant in boston, i am so in love with nashville (which you probably know by now). so much so, that i can't picture this time of my life in any other setting. i may have had my plan figured out, but god's plan was so much better.

and so, six years later (i feel old saying that) here i am with another plan slipping between my fingers. instead of holding on, i am learning to realize the beauty in letting go, and embracing what only god can orchestrate. this was just another boston.

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