Saturday, June 30, 2007

High school was a crazy time. My friend Jaime (here in Nashville, not high school) said she used to randomly "meow" to people in high school. So did I. Crazy.

So I have the job, but now I'm apartment hunting. My lease is up in September and I just found out that my rent will increase $50 a month if I stay there. Technically I can afford it, but I think I can find something cheaper.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A New Feature

I think I'm going to add a new feature. Every (or at least most) of my posts from now on will include a "Food For Thought" which will most likely be a quote I read or heard or what not.

Today's Food For Thought is something I read in a back issue of Relevant Magazine (I believe it was the November/December 2006 issue).

BTW - I'm still unemployed, but I have prospects. I'm waiting until business hours on Monday to hear back from them o call them.


Food For Thought #1:

"There's a vast gulf between the message of Jesus and the political agenda of the conservative movement in America. Young evangelicals need to look at the message of Jesus and count the number of New Testament references to homosexuality and abortion and compare those passages to Jesus' teachings about caring for the poor. I believe that if we dealt with poverty in this country, we might actually dramatically reduce the abortion rate." - Congressman Jim Slatery

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Despite my lack of employment, I'm very excited about the next few days. They will consist of...

Thursday: Assessment to potentially be interviewed at a bank. Then driving up to Indy and SALSA DANCING! YAY (So if you're able, go to the Jazz Kitchen! I'm very excited!) And then spending the night at Stacy H's.

Friday: Going to A-town in the AM. Visiting Jill Miller (if she's on campus) and seing her prego belly. Visiting my old babies at Park Place (they would all be two now, except for maybe one, who will be, well, one). Eating lunch at the Lemon Drop. Then going home and seeing my momma. Then going up to Grand Rapids and getting my bridesmaids dress altered.

Saturday: JONAH AND SARA'S WEDDING! Which means high school friends and college friends and SARA'S FAMILY (whom I LOVE). Then THE BEACH! Maybe Chan's Garden? Maybe not, on account of the lack of income.

Sunday: Probably church with my mom, and then MORE BEACH! And then going back to Indy.

Monday: Back to Nashville, back to job-hunting. Back to reality.

Moral of the story is this: If you are going to be in Anderson/Indy TOMORROW NIGHT, you should go to the Jazz Kitchen! If you're going to Jonah and Sara's wedding, I'll see you there!

Monday, June 4, 2007

True story of my Friday, June 1st...

1:30 pm - Was over-stressed, had a mini-break down at work (meaning I actually cried because I was so frustrated) and realized that I really, really needed to quit and find a new job.

2:30 pm - Was called into the office and was fired (I guess God agreed that I needed a new job)

4:30 pm - Had an interview lined up for today (Monday)

However I didn't go to the interview. On second thought it wasn't the company or even the line of work for me. But I've put in probably close to 40 applications/resumes online this weekend and today and on Thursday morning I'm going into a bank for an assessment and if I pass that then they'll set up an interview.

I need a job.

I've literally been at the library all day. Well, I got here at 10:00am and it's 4:00pm. I'm hungry and tired and I need to go pay rent (luckily Friday was also payday, so I'm good for a week or so).