Monday, June 4, 2007

True story of my Friday, June 1st...

1:30 pm - Was over-stressed, had a mini-break down at work (meaning I actually cried because I was so frustrated) and realized that I really, really needed to quit and find a new job.

2:30 pm - Was called into the office and was fired (I guess God agreed that I needed a new job)

4:30 pm - Had an interview lined up for today (Monday)

However I didn't go to the interview. On second thought it wasn't the company or even the line of work for me. But I've put in probably close to 40 applications/resumes online this weekend and today and on Thursday morning I'm going into a bank for an assessment and if I pass that then they'll set up an interview.

I need a job.

I've literally been at the library all day. Well, I got here at 10:00am and it's 4:00pm. I'm hungry and tired and I need to go pay rent (luckily Friday was also payday, so I'm good for a week or so).

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