Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I'm not homeless for next year. Stacy, DeeDee and I got a 3 person room in the basement of Martin next year. But, we're #1 on the waiting list for on-campus apartments, and #4 on the waiting list for off campus, so, we have an excellent chance for both I'd say. So, I decided, I'm going to make a list of random thoughts that I am randomly thinking at this random moment...

God is good

Love is an over-used word for an under-used meaning

My AUCME team rocks my socks off

Chapel was great today

Chapel will be great Thursday

I miss last year

I love this year

I have some of the best friends in the world and I don't let them know that enough.

Thought from Chapel - I am a lump of dirt transformed into the daughter of a King.

Monday, March 29, 2004

God is so amazing to me. I had a great weekend, again. The weather was BEAUTIFUL, and the drive up to Nappannee, the stay there, the awesome worship team I am blessed to be a part of, and the drive back were remarkable. God is so good to me and I so don't deserve it.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

Well. I went home Thursday afternoon so I could testify if needed at my parent's divorce Friday morning. Well, we went to the courthouse. After 4 hours of my mom, dad, and their lawyers arguing back and forth over how much money my dad will have to pay my mom, turns out, they finally agreed on $2500 a month until my dad is 65 (15 years) or until my mom gets remarried, if she does. And that's good, because my dad originally only wanted to pay $1000 a month for 3 years. So yeah. But, my dad decided that he can't pay that right now because he has too many bills, so the divorce won't be finalized until September. So yeah the good thing about that is that now the divorce won't be right by my mom's birthday, which by the way is Sunday. Now I'm off to Nappannee, home of the Amish and the Mennonite. Why? Because I had surgery, that's why. If you're thinking "What?? Surgery? Why didn't you tell me?" Well, that's because it was oral surgery getting my wisdom teeth pulled out a few years ago, so if I knew you back then, I did tell you. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Stacy left me today. Though the pear may last through the valley, joy comes in the dormatory. Yeah. See this is the kind of relationship I have with my future roomies. "Hey Stacy it's not as cold, do you agree?" - "I guess I have to, don't I?" - "DeeDee, why don't you just run into the wall again." - "Hey what is it with you guys and the balls? Have you masticated today?" .... they are so unwhateverable.

yeah today's a weird day so I thought why not a weird entry?

Monday, March 22, 2004

Okay so it totally sucks that the two biggest stresses of my life so far are happening at the same exact time like this. But it's cool because God is faithful - like what I said last week about Bible Study being about how He teaches us through suffering, and tonight was about trust and how we worship idols by trusting in things other than God, and how even when we can't see the way, ESPECIALLY when we can't see the way, that's when we need to trust God the most. So He's totally faithful and amazing, so boo for stupid humans (*ahem my dad and ahem someone else*) but yay for an awesome God!
I'm a loser. And a geek. I guess. Today Abby informed me it is not cool to have a xanga. How sad. And Mariko called herself a loser because she ate a lot of chocolate today, and that made me want some chocolate, so I pulled out a bar I had in the fridge and she said I was a loser too. What a great day.

I hope you all saw the sarcasm in this. I'm not really upset or anything so don't sit there and think "man she's taking this too personally" ha. I just thought I'd share. OH! And my day just got a lot less busy than it was supposed to be because I don't have to go to my meeting from 3:30-5. OH! And I locked my keys in my car yesterday and they're still there because Troy couldn't get the door open. So I'll try again today. See how exciting my life is? HA. Yeah. Maybe later I'll go look at people. But don't worry, that's my homework. Yeah, I have a paper due Friday and to write it I have to look at people. Well, it's more detailed then that but I like to say "look at people" because I'm weird like that. I already explained that though. I'm a geek. I'm a loser.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Woohoo it's 2:30 in the morning on Saturday and I am at GVSU visiting my good friends Krista and Holly (and Ryan??) so yeah. Like I said, it's 2:30 am and we haven't gone to bed yet, and we have somewhere to be at 10 am so fun fun there, not. hehehe. It was a nice five hour drive up here. Hehehe. Ohh boy I'm sleepy. G'nite.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

I had an interesting dream last night and decided eh what the heck I'll put it up here. My mom dropped me off at this Goodwill type store, and I was walking around looking for a tan/brown light jacket. And I was wearing a prom dress - but it was like a nasty ugly one from the 80's, it was hot pink and had big ruffles that stick out on the bottom. And I was walking around and I found this leather coat that was brown and I tried it on and it was way too big for me but I bought it anyway. And when I was buying it Ryan was in line in front of me. And I slapped his butt and called him Judy (now to those other than Ryan and Lisa who are reading this, the sad thing is that's normal). Then I went outside where a bunch of my friends were waiting for me (but I don't know which friends anymore) and they were all dressed up for prom, but again all 80's-esque, like the guys had on these nasty ruffle tux shirts and stuff. And there was this big brown car that was kinda falling apart and some woman driving it who was supposed to give us a ride. Someone's tux shirt was lying on the ground behind the car and she kept driving around and getting the shirt dirty. I had a feeling she was doing this on purpose, so I went up to her at the window and flipped her off and said she wasn't getting her money if she didn't stop and she said fine and drove off without us. The end. Weird, eh?

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

It continually amazes me how God works and how he prepares people for things. How he can prepare each person for a given situation. For example, over spring break during one of my God moments when I started crying, one of the things He told me was how He can take suffering and use it to teach us something, that suffering is not in vain. I came back to school yesterday and went to my Bible study last night. Marty (the awesome leader) talked about - yeah, you guessed it - how God uses suffering to teach us things. During the bible study my phone rang, but I turned it on silent. When I went to see who called, it was my mom. So as soon as Bible Study was over I called her back. Turns out my dad decided last minute all of a sudden to NOT put the divorce on hold. (He was going to do that so they could go to counseling - which they have been, but he's going to stop doing that too). So that means they will be officially divorced a week from Friday (the 26th), which sucks extra for my mom because her birthday is the 28th. So while she was sitting there telling me this, and I was still in the company of my bible study group, I realized how God was preparing me with all this talk of how He uses suffering. And then guess what my mom tells me. She said that morning she went to her Bible Study and guess what they talked about - yeah. The same exact thing. God is so cool like that, and I can't help but love Him for it. So my request for all those out there reading this is just to keep my family in your prayers - especially my mom.

Monday, March 15, 2004

I am back from the best spring break ever. I really mean that. It was full of great hilarious times that I will remember for the rest of my life: everything from Rescue Mom-One-One to the Judy Game and everything in between. We went to awesome places like the Little House on the Prairie and the Wal-Mart Museum. But aside from those the things that will stick with me the most are the things God taught me. He taught me sooo much and right now I'm having a hard time sorting it out. For being the best week ever I sure cried a lot. But tears are not bad, they are needed. I had a chance to talk to Lisa about a friend of ours and for each of us to get some of our worries out to each other and be an ear for each other, and in that process we gave something to that friend that I hope is a gift. I cannot go into details about that for the sake of the friend's privacy. One night I was sitting in the backseat by myself on our way back from who knows where, and I was looking out at the stars. Ryan and Lisa were both pretty quite themselves, and it gave me a chance to think. I thought about how God made those stars for us to enjoy, and even if I was the only person here on this Earth He wouldn't have done anything different. He made that beautiful sky for me. And I just thought about how much He loves me and how much I take that for granted. I thought about those two precious people in the car with me and how important they are to me, and where I would be without them in my life. I thought about how much I love the two of them, and I wondered how much more God loves us, and how impossible it is to comprehend that, because I was having a hard enough time realizing how much I loved them. It was the most peaceful - and yet at the same time frightening (in a good way) experience I've had and it brought me to tears. It's crazy how God decides when to speak to you. I never would have guessed the backseat of Ryan's car on the way back from Kansas or Texas or wherever we went that night.

More on spring break later... busy day.

Saturday, March 6, 2004

Well it's 4:35 am and Lisa is video taping us.... we're sittin around waiting for our ride, which is coming at 5:00, to go to the airport to fly to Tulsa for spring break.... I'll let ya hear all about it.