Sunday, May 13, 2007


Since today marks one year and one week since I graduated college, I thought I'd mark it with some significant (and not so significant) numbers:

58 - Approximate number of freezie pops I have eaten

20 - Number of children I have cared for (all under the age of 1)

16 - Number of weeks I slept on a deflated air mattress

12 - Number of people I have lived with

7 - Number of times I moved

6 - Number of concerts I have attended

5 - Number of churches I have atteneded

4 - Number of times I've had to get my car fixed

3 - Number of states away from home I now live

3 - Number of times I have been to the Jazz Kitchen (btw that number is way too small)

3 - Number of house plants I have purchased

3 - Number of others' birthdays I have celebrated

Almost 3 - Number of seasons of Lost I have watched

2.5 - Number of Friends-a-thons I have watched (meaning all 10 seasons in a row)

2 - Number of bottles of nail polish I have purchased

2 - Number of jobs I have had

1 - Number of times I have cut my hair

1 - Number of birthdays I have had

1 - Number of times a bird has vomitted on my shirt

1 - Number of times I went out of the country (Japan)

1 - Number of times I have been back to Anderson since moving away

0 - Number of times I have regretted moving to Tennessee

Sunday, May 6, 2007

My car's A/C stopped working towards the end of last summer. Now that's it's been consistently in the 80's for about a month now, I decided to get it fixed.

I took my car in and it cost about $100 just for them to go inside the dash and say they couldn't fix it because they didn't have the part in stock.

Also, if I order the part from the dealership that alone will cost over $300.