Sunday, February 12, 2006

I have not written a real post in a long time. Yet, this is not the time. At least not for a "what's been going on in Holly's head/heart" post. But I can tell you what I've been up to!

The past week...

Carpe Semesto #18 - Doing the Daily Crossword, Crytpoquip, Sudoku, Word Jumble, and Word Slueth in Mocha Joe's with Stacy Lantz, Krista Allen, Jen Brooks, Kris Stevens, Nick Pease, and whomever else happens to be around - the crossword is ALWAYS a group effort - but so far we've never missed more than 5 letters!

Carpe Semesto #19 - Bound 4 Freedom! It started again and so far I've made one journal and one cover and have spent some good time with Krista, Audrey, Ray, and Rae

Carpe Semesto #20 - Stacy Lantz concert Friday night. She opened for Rob Alan at The Living Room and did AMAZING!

Carpe Semesto #21 - Going to Ivanhoe's later this afternoon with Christy and Lacey.

An update on two past Carpe Semesto's..

First, the Water Polo team. The first few weeks it started I was really tired and had lots of homework and didn't make to any games and so I kinda just gave up on being on the team.

Second, remember how I said I wanted to take a picture every day? That lasted like three days until that one day I threw up at church and then I didn't take any that day and stayed home the next and didn't take any pictures again, and then I tried to take one that next day and the batteries were dead. So then I kept forgetting new batteries and then I kept forgetting the camera. But starting tomorrow I want to try again.

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