Monday, April 14, 2008

Home On The Road

Well I departed Nashville on Saturday morning. Saturday evening I went bowling in the ole college town. Sunday morning I went to the old college church. At the moment I'm in Mocha Joe's.... (coffee shop on campus).

It's funny how in these places I see only one or two faces I recognize, and yet it still feels like home. I think I wrote something similar when I got back from homecoming back in October. But it's nice to know that even if I only know a few people still in town, that it's still home to me. I haven't lived here in two years, and it's a town that changes constantly (well, the people do. everything else is the same).

I love it. Anderson is my home. Michigan is my home. Nashville is my home.

The road is my home. I feel just as welcome and just as at peace on the road.

This journey has just begun.

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