Friday, December 18, 2009

money. and music.

another #best09 blog: where did all of my money go this year? concerts. so.many.concerts. well. some were free.

i really wanted to compile a list of concerts i attended in 2009, but i can't remember them all. i guess i can do the ones i do remember.

2/21 griffin house/matthew perryman jones
2/22 ben folds
2/28 andy davis/erin mccarley
3/31 al anderson/sarah majors/megan mullins/mark s. sanders/jennifer hanson/tony martin/mark nesler/deric ruttan
4/2 roger brown/sidney cox/heather davis/steve diamond
4/3 gary burr/hanson/mark hudson/victoria shaw
4/16 charity daw
4/21 andy osenga
5/2 brian lee & his orchestra/mikky ekko/paper route
5/15 sister hazel
5/16 hanson
5/30 gabe dixon band
6/6 mikky ekko
6/14 jesse ruben/parachute/andy davis
6/17 curtis peoples
7/9 sandra mccracken
8/1 tim brantley/josh hoge/andy davis
8/25 micah tawlks
8/29 oscar anthony & the westfolk band/the hollywood ten/madi diaz/mikky ekko/space capone
9/3 ten out of tenn/american bang/toadies
9/11 joy williams/andy davis
9/15 seth philpott/rob blackledge
9/24 thad cockrell/matthew perryman jones/dave barnes
9/26 matt wertz
10/4 carbon leaf/stephen kellogg & the sixers
10/9 sherwood/steel train/hellogoodbye/hanson
10/11 sherwood/steel train/hellogoodbye/hanson
10/12 sherwood/steel train/hellogoodbye/hanson
10/18 ben rector
10/22 sherwood/steel train/hellogoodbye/hanson
10/23 sherwood/steel train/hellogoodbye/hanson
10/27 sherwood/steel train/hellogoodbye/hanson
10/28 sherwood/steel train/hellogoodbye/hanson
11/10 mikky ekko
11/12 the civil wars/thad cockrell
11/18 push play/ingram hill
11/19 les paul tribute
12/10 ben rector
12/13 ten out of tenn christmas

phew. and that's just the ones i remember!

i also have three more coming up for the rest of the year:
12/19 gabe dixon band/drew holcomb & the neighbors
12/20 evan mccugh/seth philpott
12/22 andy davis

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