Thursday, December 3, 2009

why wait.

why wait until new year's to make resolutions?

there are a few areas of my life i would like to improve. why wait a month? i'm starting now.

-i would like to implement a monthly budget and stick to it. i tried this once before. it lasted about three weeks.
-i would like to read more. even if it's just a paragraph out of a book or an article in a magazine, i want to read something (not on a computer screen) at least five days a week.
-black coffee. i don't know why, really, but i want to learn how to drink coffee black. (i'm currently a two sugars kind of girl. sometimes with cream.)

these might be small things in the bigger picture, but it's a start. there are a few other things as well, but not everything needs to be shared in such a public forum. but i think getting these things out there will help keep me more accountable.

okay. here we go.

1 comment:

  1. I did a similar thing in October. I started what I call the "Less Diet". Basically, I spend less, whine less, scowl less, I'm less wasteful...etc- all the little things that usually wind up on New Years Resolutions. It can be really tough sometimes, and some days I just blow it completely. But then you have to remember that there is tomorrow to pick it back up and just add "Be less defeatist" to the list.

    Good Luck!