Thursday, December 31, 2009

the oh's.

well. a new decade is upon us (in approximately seven hours, central time).

so. i should sum up the oh's. if i can.

i was sixteen. got my driver's license, bought a blue '91 pontiac 6000 from my brother. i remember thinking i was such an adult for going on a shopping trip with sara and abby 45 minutes away from our hometown. i still worked at dairy queen.

graduated high school. went to community college. i started working in a church office as an assistant to the secretary. i loved that job. 9/11.

finished up my first year at communtiy college. traded the pontiac in for a '93 toyota camry. left home for anderson. made many dear friends.

finished up my first year at anderson. all of my closest friends from that year didn't come back that fall, so i had to start over. but that brought me to even more friends, most of which are still some of my closest friends. my roommate was from japan, which was a fun experience.

year three at anderson. it was a good year, living with two of my good friends. classes were tough, but it was exciting. i started going to a brand new church - the mercy house. ended the year in jamaica.

started the year in jamaica. also went to london. interned at the mercy house. that internship was my first glimpse at real community. i realized i no longer was interested in my major, but decided it was too late to change it. i learned how to make the journals i now sell. i met stacy, who is still one of my closest friends. thought for sure i'd be moving to boston in 2006 (however, i still have never even visited that city). ended the year in italy.

started the year in italy. went to japan, and was able to visit my former roommate. finished up school at anderson. moved to nashville. big changes.

started the job i'm at now. slowly fell in love with nashville.

a tough year with lots of changes. but an amazing year with more new friends. i also traveled a bit around the country. for the sake of live music.

the best year yet. by far. i just summed this up yesterday, so for details, clicky.

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