Friday, December 11, 2009

#ifsantawasblack, or rather, #helpportrait

really, twitter world? i'm breaking my rule. i'm not going to blog about "if santa was black". come on now.

instead... let me blog about tomorrow. because i am super excited about it. jeremy cowart (nashvillian photographer) founded this thing called help portrait. he planned to get a group of professional photographers together to take portraits of people in need. to allow these people to receive something special for christmas. not just a photo of their family, or a photo of themselves to give to their family, but a token of hope. help portrait is going to be a huge event. huge. there are going to be events happening in 50 different countries.

tomorrow morning i will be volunteering with the event. i don't know what this will entail, but i'm excited. this is what christmas is about.

[for more information about help portrait - check out their website. or read this wonderful article written by annie]

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