Wednesday, December 2, 2009

it's beginning to look (and sound) a lot like....

christmas, of course.

last week the roommates and i put up our decorations. we put up a pretty tree with all blue lights in the living room, and we lit a cozy fire in the fireplace. i went home to michigan for thanksgiving, and came back to nashville to find many of my neighbors had put up gorgeous decorations. love love love.

christmas is one of my favorite times of year.

to celebrate with all of you faithful blog readers, i'm going to direct you to some free nashville christmas music, as well as tell you a bit about how i first discovered each artist:

sandra mccracken: i had heard through the grape vine that she had been to a songwriter's retreat with one of my favorite bands. i had never heard of her, so i googled the name, and immediately loved what i heard. (she is also married to derek webb, another talented nashville fellow).

joy williams: one of my all time favorite nashville artists, andy davis (while we're at it, head on over to his website for a non-christmas free music download), had a show earlier this fall. the civil wars (yet another non-christmas free music download lies within that link) were scheduled to open for him, but half the duet, john paul white, had fallen ill, so the other half, joy williams, sang some of her solo stuff. and i fell in love. if i were a dude, and she were a dude, i would call it a man crush. but calling it a girl crush is just weird, so let's just say, she's adorable, sweet, and charming.

mikky ekko: back in the spring, some friends and i went to the cd release show for paper route. mikky ekko opened. and i was blown.away. seriously. if you ever get the chance to see this dude live, do it. and here's his contribution to christmas.

merry (early) christmas, with love,

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