Monday, December 21, 2009

project 09.

[#best09 blog: my best project from 2009]

this is an easy one. though i have neglected my own journal for far, far too long [i don't think i've written in it, aside from sermon notes, since my birthday. which is in february, by the way], i started making journals for others. i learned how to do this years ago from a friend, and i used to make them all.the.time. but then i moved to nashville and life happened. for awhile now i had been wanting to start making them again. so, late summer/early fall i pulled out my supplies and got down to it. it's been a great source of extra income [thanks to frothy monkey for selling them in their shop], but more importantly, it's been an outlet for my creative side. a side of me that i often neglect, and had neglected for a long time. when i decided to sell them, i had to think of a name.

hope sewn journals.

'cause they are journals. and i sew them. and they are designed to inspire hope. they are the result of my own journey towards hope.

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