Friday, June 17, 2011

friday photos: 2011.24

friday, june 10

in this picture, 2-year old rachel is telling me the story of what her mommy did when there was a cicada in the car. "mama said, 'ahh! cicada bee in my car!' then she squished it."

saturday, june 11


sunday, june 12

the summer of 2005 was easily my most defining moment. everything about that time has since been symbolized in this mug. today it slipped out of my hands and broke on the kitchen's hardwood floor. this all happened in the presence of a friend who played a huge role in that summer, and from whom i purchased the mug. there was definitely a moment of silence as we both recognized that this is more than just a coffee mug.

monday, june 13

suzanne brought us some bread. we have more than jesus.

tuesday, june 14

random obscure last-minute photo

wednesday, june 15

the daylights

thursday, june 16

staycation day #1: coffee with the roommates

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