Friday, July 28, 2006

Moving, moving, and yes, more moving

I've moved a lot in my life for someone who has lived in the same house for twenty-two years. Kind of. Here's a quick run-down of my moving experiences, for those who care. If you don't care, then don't read this post, but still give me advice on the previous post, since no one has yet.

~1983-1984lived in a small house in the Joe.
~1984-2006 a bigger house down the street from the old house. I only live there still according to permanent address, driver's liscence, and the fact that I have belongings there.
~2002 Moved to Martin Hall @ AU
~summer 2003 moved back home
~2003 Moved to Myers Hall @ AU
~summer 2004 moved back home
~2004 Moved to Mansfield Apartments @ AU
~summer 2005 moved some stuff home
~that summer moved some stuff to Conner's garage
~that summer moved to Delaware Courts
~that summer moved to the intern house
~that summer moved back to Delaware Courts
~2005 moved to Fair Commons
~2006 moved home
~2006 moved to Arbor Village
~2006 moved to The Lemon Peel
~this weekend moving back to Arbor Village
~in two weeks moving back to Michigan
~one week later moving to Nashville, TN
~hopefully no longer than a month later moving to a different place in Nashville, TN

Also, so far I have lived with 24 people (for at least 2 weeks) and about 22 animals (2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 turtle, several fish and a litter of hamsters)

I can also carry two babies at once, feed two babies at once, and although I might have lost my mind in the process I have had significant training in case I ever become a single mother of quadrouplet infants. Let's just pray that never happens.

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