Friday, September 2, 2005

So the first week is over and I didn't skip a single class (though once tempted by a bad headache) or chapel. I wonder how many more weeks that will last. Here are my current thougths regarding my classes...

Teaching Ministry of the Church, Dr. Overstreet - I'm going to just have to try to have a positive attitude about the class despite the fact that I don't work well with his style of teaching, or hair (including facial).

Corporate Ministries: Communicating the Gospel, Dr. Overstreet - See above. Although, at least this year the mullet is less mullet-like and there is a beard to accompany the mustache. Overall he looks less like "Chester Molester" (compliments of Deanna!)

Educational Ministries with Youth, Dr. Stephenson and Mark Idon'trememberhislastname - haven't yet figured out Stephenson's style, as he is still on his honeymoon. But Mark is cool and it's a great group of students for a discussion class... I'm really excited, though I need to find a youth group to involve myself in, as The Mercy House doesn't have one.

Faith and Worship, Dr. Walters - It's going to be good. He's funny and I know like 8 people in the class so when we do group stuff (which he will assign the groups) I'm sure I'll get someone I know.

History of Christianity, Dr. Strege - A crapload of reading, including Augustine's "Confessions". I've been wanting to read that, knowing I would never actually make myself do it, but now I have a reason to. A bit overwhelming, but I can do it. Kurt and Shannon told me the class is hard, but good. We'll see. Strege is a lot less boring than I imagined him to be. I just hope I still like him by the end of semester, as he will then lead my trip to Italy.

Other news...

Work - Today was the last day of my first week in my new position. This position doesn't make a difference in my pay or anything, but this summer I was a sub/floater, so I would go to the different ages depending on where they needed me. This semester I am working as the second afternoon teacher for the infants. Every day with Janet's annoying baby-talk voice, but other than that she's fun and nice. And of course the babies are amazing in every way. I need to remember to take my camera to work. There are 8 babies. Maybe next week I'll post some details about each, and hopefully some pictures.

Non-text reading - A couple days ago I checked out "Prince Caspian", the next book in the Chronicles of Narnia. I know I'm not going to have a TON of fun-reading time, but I really wanna finish the series. And also today I bought "Through Painted Deserts" by Don Miller. He's the guy who wrote "Blue Like Jazz" and if you haven't read that yet, do it! It is an AMAZING book. He later wrote "Searching for God Knows What", which is also good, but not AS good as Blue.... This "new" book is actually just being re-published, and he wrote it before Blue but it wasn't well known about, so I'm excited to read it. He's an incredible author and they are easy reads. Reading his work makes me feel like we're at a coffee shop together and he's just telling me his stories. He's coming to chapel in November and I hope to finish the "new" book before he comes. But school needs to be a priority.

Graduation - I started to fill out my application last night and had a meeting with the Shivester today. Shively noticed that I am missing 1 upper division class. It doesn't matter what class it is as long as it's a Christian Ministries caption, upper division, and three credit hours. Unfortunately, no more of them are being offered either this semester or next (meaning none that I haven't already taken or am taking). So, guess what that means. Within the next week I get to construct my own Independent Study reading course, and he and I will make a syllabus together. I have to read at least 900 pages and we'll come up with some papers for me to write. But I get to choose the "course title" and what books I want to read. The reading will take place over Christmas break.

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