Thursday, September 22, 2005

As promised, more memories.

Sixth - Caitlyn appologizing to the tree b/c we picked the blossoms. Making bracelets out of weeping willow branches. Lunches outside. "Blue butt" the "frog" (that was really a piece of plastic). Having a crush on Mr. Magrane.

Seventh - Mr. Adler and his really bad jokes. Reading Nancy Drew EVERY day almost. Art class w/ Ellie and making a clay tissue box. Mrs. Rapp "lost" my pinch pot (I think it actually broke in the kiln and she didn't want to tell me). Choir. Band. Mrs. Achteberg's english teaching. (The only good english teacher I have EVER had.) I can still recite the two-letter prepositions (in on at by of to up) and the exceptions to the "i before e when it sounds like e except after c" rule. "NEITHER of the SHEIK'S WEIRD FRIENDS SEIZED a SEIVE EITHER to eat PROTEIN, drink CAFFEINE, or take CODEINE for LEISURE." Remembering that ten years (has it really been that long) later? That's a good teacher. (of coures that assumes you pronounce them eether and neether instead of nighther and ighther.)

Eighth - Moving into the new wing. Making a bridge out of toothpicks for math class. "Stop the violence!" Everyone (it seemed) but me going on the trip to D.C. My first German class ("Wo bin ich? Ich kann fliegen!"). The very first end-of-the-year-beach-party at Warren Dunes with the "I heart the Pine River" cooler.

9th - Band in the auditorium. My obsession with Hanson. The beginning of Gamma Chick (which I believe there was a promised edition that never came out) and Wired Weekly. The really old, smashed grapes Ellie and I found in our locker at the end of the year. Really, I think they became wine. The old cafeteria and library. Sizzling Ice and the "First Circle" of death. Going to Chicago. Very Cherry Jelly Belly's. All the codes Heather and I had. Fall Retreat when Ryan carried me across the room and then something about cocoa puffs.

10th - New band room. New cafeteria and student lounge. The "media center". Rebecca and Stanely dating. Physical Science class w/ Mr. Chorny. The Blue Pig story. Beauty and the Beast. Christmas Dance. Mints down my dress.

11th - Skeletor's child. The bottle dance. Fiddler on Roof. Waving to bus drivers. Band camp. Meredith the lunch tray. Pasta Friday's and cheese stick Thursdays. Christmas Dance. Prom.

12th - The end. Exodus. Band camp, toga toga toga. My first car accident (Michelle Klug rear-ended me the day before graduation). Christmas Dance. Prom. Acting class. Law class (what a joke!) Art Club.

Funny how freshman year had the most specific memories. I remember some other things but the years kind of blend together.

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