Friday, September 9, 2005

Last night I took a break from everything and went to the Mocha Joe's open house. Which means... Air Hockey with Stacy (she won, but it was very close), Scott Williams (I miss him) in concert, and Micah Gilliam (I don' know if I spelled his last name right) and another guy (don't remember his name) from their band, and then another guy (don't remember who) that I didn't stay for. And I played two games of Sorry with Stacy and Jen (and one of those was with Stephanie, Mel's roommate for two days this summer). The first one Stacy won, the second I did. Hadn't played it in probably over 10 years. Well.. now I'm off to class for the day. OH! I get to eat lunch with one of my favorite people today. Stacy Lantz. OH! And Monday I get to drink coffee/tea with another favorite person of mine. Erin Sprunger.

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