Sunday, September 18, 2005

I just watched "Billy Madison" for the first time. (Please forgive me Denise!)

It made me think about random memories from different grades. I will now list some.

Preschool - We had colored dots to tell us what activity we were supposed to be at. One time I didn't know I was supposed to be at snack time and so I showed up late and missed out on the beach story, but still got my PB&J. Also I remember Nikki and I would fight over a Cinderella puzzle. Nikki and I are still friends.

Kindergarten - The letter people. I was Mr. Z when we went through the classrooms. I would be mean to Nikki and play with Libby instead. I remember making candles. This is when I met Jason and Ryan. I am still friends with all four of these people.

First - I remember that I peed my pants going down the tornado slide. I remember learning to tell time and count money.

Second - We learned cursive. Jenna stole my colored pencils. I remember drawing a picture for my teacher, and I think it was of a graveyard.

Third - I remember bringing my dog in for show and tell. I remember making a book of memories. Mr Hannah the bus driver. I was Helen Keller for a speech, and my best friend Libby was Anne Sullivan. "Math Game Day", where we walked a mile.

Fourth - We made time capsules that we were supposed to open when we graduated high school (the teacher kept them). It never happened, but I remember what I put in mine - a picture of my brother and I and an American Girl catalog. I remember "I can multiply 100" or something. We learned some German from some High School students.

Fifth - I remember sex ed. Libby was a domino for Halloween.

Elementary in general - I remember Tony. He was really smart. I don't remember what grade he was in with me but he was doing 8th grade math. Then he moved to Chicago to further his violin skills.

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