Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I know it's been a little longer than usual (meaning 1 day) since I last updated. But this is rush week, and basically, the name holds true.(Side note on rush week - in L'amifidel EVERYONE re-rushes and so it's not the old people degrating the new people. It's everyone playing games together.) I've been rushing around all week so far. Monday I had class, then work, then working out and then spending time with Erin at Mocha Joe's.

Erin @ Mocha Joe's - Amazing. It was so good to finally sit down with a friend and enjoy each other's company without having to worry about anything else. And yay for talking about dreams and Africa and making books and all kinds of other stuff. And I tried a flavored tea. It was "Wild Sweet Orange" (TAZO) and it was decent. Kind reminded me of hot apple cider. (This is a big deal that I tried it b/c I don't like tea.)

Tuesday I had class and then work and then the first rush meeting. After the rush meeting we went to WalMart to get stuff for rush (and YAY for me only spending $1.38 on rush), getting home at 1:30 and then staying up until 3:30 making my burden bag.

Burden Bag - We have several things for rush that we have with us at all times. We put each other's prayer requests in our bags. And also for each prayer request there is a small rock, to remind us that we carry each other's burdens, and to remind us to pray for each burden.

Today I went to class and then work (I know, never would have guessed.) And because it was rush week I was dressed up (kinda... remember, I only spend $1.38.) Today's dress theme was "native". Once again noticed that work is amazing and it is the highlight of my day. Then we rushed. We played games, said our cheers. We also had a little treasure hunt which took us from the FART breezeway over to Miller Chapel, and then the Tri-S office, and then Park Place, and then the Haven, and then back to FART. (The treasure was candy.) I personally did not understand WHAT the crap my roommates (2/3 of the rush captains) meant by "native" (native american? native someothercountry? WHAT?)

"Native" - My dress? 1) Flip-flops. 2) Blue jeans. 3) Plain white T-shirt with blue sharpie... Front: "AE[Pi symbol here] Rush 2005 Today I Am A..." Back: NATIVE (I don't know... ask my roommates, the rush captains.) Native's don't have $ to buy rush costumes." 4) Last year's AEPi strap thingy around my left knee 5) My warm fuzzy (yarn that has significant meaning) 6) My YELLOW (Jonah??) bandana from camp because I couldn't find last years rush bandanas. 7) My burden bag. 8) Fake ivy in my hair, just because.

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