Saturday, September 10, 2005

So, one might ask, what did Holly do Friday night? I'll tell you! I got home from work around 6pm. Then I bugged Jen about what she wanted for dinner, and ended up making a frozen pizza for myself. Later Stacy made one for herself too, and Jen made soup. Yeah. So... we watched one of our staple movies - Pirates of the Caribbean - and then Stacy and I walked over to Byrum for the first Randomonium (non AU ppl - it's an improv group on campus). I'll be honest, I was disappointed. Where was Hawaii? I know he's still around! And Joel graduated... it made a big difference. And Stacy and I had some good works picked to yell out, but they never fit the criteria of what they wanted. (I'm not telling the words because if we go again - we're still using them.) Then we walked home and I played on the computer for awhile and watched some MadTV before falling asleep. That's it.

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