Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Monday I skipped all my classes - I just didn't feel like going haha. But I did go to work, because I love my job. Then I came home and ate dinner with Jen (chicken and mac&cheese) and then we watched Friends, I drank coffee. And we (Jen and I) got emails about our first meeting for the Italy trip - the meeting is next week. Yay! Then we went to the first L'ami meeting of the year (post-rush) and it was mostly business-y but it was all stuff we needed to talk about and get out of the way. Then we introduced ourselves to the Dux boys (our brother club). Then I came home and did stuff (don't remember what) and went to bed. So... it started with a good day.

Tuesday (today) I skipped my 8:30 and chapel - I just didn't feel like going haha. But I did go to my 11:30 b/c I like it (Educational Ministries w/ Youth). Then I grabbed lunch and was going to be okay with eating it by myself in Mocha Joe's and reading, but then I ran into Erin Sprunger and her dad (Moose, who lead my trip to Jamaica) and so Erin stayed and ate with me. Yay for talking to Erin! Then I went to my 2:00 (History of Christianity - it's a good class). After class I ran into other roommate, Stacy and we had a good convo about a boy (no, not what you're probably thinking). She walked to work with me and met some of my way cool friends that I see every day - Jaret, Ti, Carly, Angela, and Ethan. She even held Ethan (even though he was drooly and screaming). Then she went to her job and I played with kids. Oh! And before lunch I bought "Captivating" which is one of the books I'm going to read for my independant study. Anyway... after work I had to walk to South Campus to get my video camera from Shannon. She wasn't home yet, but when I used the phone to call her, Stacy (my non-roommate) saw me and invited me to her apartment. There she gave me our family portrait* and made me some dinner*. Then Shannon came home and gave me my camera, and I walked back home. Then I did stuff on the computer and Jen came home with movies from the library. We watched "Italian For Beginners" which is NOT a learn-Italian video, it's an actual movie, but it's Danish. It was hilarious (though I don't think it was supposed to be). We also watched part of a travel guide video on Italy, and part of a learn Italian video. (So another great day). These great days will be continued with: dinner with Spitty, lunch with Stacy, visit from Krista.

*Okay. So, my family portrait and Stacy cooking me dinner. Two great reminders of this summer, our internship. One day we all got together (by all I mean all 12 interns and Matt) and got dressed up and got our picutre taken at WalMart. It's great. I'll try to scan it and post it. The dinner. It really made me miss our internship and our community meals. Four days a week we cooked dinner for anyone who showed up (usually 20-some) but that wasn't the only "community meals" (though they were the only official ones). I don't think anyone ever woke up and made breakfast without making enough for at least one other house mate to eat (even if no one else was awake yet). We would always make lunch for each other, and for Dan who came over almost every day to be fed. It became no big deal at all to just say (at any time of day) "Hey I'm making an omlet, anyone else want one?" We didn't just share food either. We shared everything. Our computers, our phones, our books, our movies, our coffee (even our favorite mugs). But most importantly - our lives. Melissa (one of the interns) wrote about it in "Other Voices" and she put it into better words than I can - "Community is not easy or comfortable. Living in an environment where you are constantly rubbing shoulders with the same people, who get to learn to love you and be annoyed by you and see your ugliness and pain as well as your heart, is a very beautiful and difficult experience." Donald Miller also says "I didn't know what to tihnk about the idea of living in community at first. I had lived on my own for about six years, and the idea of moving in with a bunch of slobs didn't appeal to me. Living in community sounded so, um, odd. Cults do that sort of thing, you know. First you live in community, and then you drink punch and die.... I have a picture on my desk of the six guys at Graceland, which is what we named the house. The picture on my desk is more than a picture of six guys; it's a picture of me in my transition, not a physical transition, but more of an inner shift from one sort of thinking to another." (Blue Like Jazz). "All the believers were of one heart and mind, and they felt what they owned was not their own; they shared everything they had." Acts 4:32

Wanna read related text? I recommend: "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller, "No Compromise: The Life of Kieth Green" by Melonie Green, and Acts.

"So, you guys have parties every day?" - Steven from across the street this summer.

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