Wednesday, August 18, 2010

wanderlust and dreams undreamt.

reading things like taylor hanson's paper mag blog make me sad and jealous. watching their lives - and the lives of 80% of nashville... people living their dreams. i'm not naive enough to believe it's always easy for them. they have their own share of troubles, doubts, stresses, and deadlines. but at the end of the day, they love what they do. they work with some of their best friends, they work on their own schedule (to some extent), they travel and see the world. they know what they want. and maybe i do. maybe i'm too scared to admit it and to pursue it. i think it can't be done, that i'll fail, or that i'll learn it isn't what i thought it was. burn out. dead end. but i do know this:

-i was made to explore and discover
-i was not made to live in a cage of drywall and florescent lights
-i was made to create. god is the creator, and i was formed in his image.
-i was made to bring him glory.

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