Sunday, August 8, 2010

the power of joining hands

tonight at church we did something we don't normally do; we all joined hands during the last song. it was a little weird at first, but then i remembered something i experienced when i was in high school. i went to a leadership conference with a group of fellow
marching band members. i don't remember the speaker's name, but i do remember some of the excercises he had us do. at one point he asked us all to sing a simple "ahh" sound. so we did. then he told us to grab hands with the people sitting next to us while we cntinued to sing. and as we did so, our voices suddenly became louder.

it's funny how things bring back old memories, and it's funny how sometimes it takes us ten years to learn a lesson from a story we lived. i'm continually being reminded of how important it is to have community. and i'm continually reminded
of how lucky i am to have found it.

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