Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the power of a song.

i remember 9th grade. my youth group was on our annual winter retreat to warner camp. it was our last night of the weekend, and almost everyone had already gone to bed; there were maybe 3 or 4 of us still awake, plus our two youth pastors, chris and jim. it was late - probably 11pm. chris and jim were sitting in some folding chairs, and the rest of us were cuddled up on a ratty old sofa in front of a blazing fire, trying to stay warm. through the picture windows we could see the snow falling hard - big, fat, slow, heavy snowflakes falling upon the several inches that already covered the ground. it was a beautiful night.

jim started to tell us his own story - one of pain, guilt, grief, and hope. then he told us that this song helped him recover from this particular time in his life, and he and chris started playing their guitars and singing this song. meanwhile whenever i hear it, i'm back in that room, surrounded by close friends, gazing into the dancing flames.

"worlds apart" by jars of clay -

note: this is most definitely notan official video. obviously.

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