Tuesday, August 24, 2010

itunes/ipod playlists

i'm not very good at making these things, and it's something i want to start using more often. i have a lot of songs, and sometimes shuffle is too random.

these are the playlists i have on my itunes:

favorites - self-explanatory.
iphone - the songs i imported to my iphone when i got it back in january. i need to transfer more songs over and there's no need to keep this list, but i still have it.
nashville artists - i love how many of these songs make it to all my other playlists. nashville is amazingly talented.
rainy day tunes - this is a work in progress that i can only allow myself to work on while it is actually raining.
wednesdays - wednesdays at work i have to sit at the front desk, which means i can't use my earbuds. therefore, these are guilty-pleasure-free and foul-language-free "safe" songs

and on my ipod i have all of the above along with my sunny happy driving with the windows down list.

that's it.

what playlists do you have?

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