Monday, August 16, 2010

weekend road trip: chicago.

so i failed at blogging every day this month, as i didn't blog this weekend. i went on a road trip to chicago this weekend, and i had been planning it for months. so when i decided to attempt to blog every day august, i knew this would require that i blog while out of town, which can, at times, be difficult.

so i went on the trip and i took my laptop with me. but my body decided to catch some germs while in chicago, and so all my spare time was spent sleeping rather than blogging.

my apologies.

but i had a great weekend regardless. quality time with friends, family, and my favorite band.

so, i always think it's weird to blog about not blogging, and i went and did again. to make up for it, i'll tell you this: i have something exciting to share tomorrow. at least, it's exciting to me.

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