Thursday, August 5, 2010

dinner with the new guy

last night was the first time in a month that my community group got together. we normally meet every other week, but two weeks ago i was in michigan, heather had a meeting, and emily and gregory were on their honeymoon. so it was good to regroup and catch up on life together. we also invited our new pastor, russ, to join us. it was good to get to know him a little bit and hopefully we were able to help him feel at home while he waits for his family to make the move from kansas city*.

what originally started as a "get to know russ" question-and-answer session turned into some really good conversations about community, relationships (with both friends and family), and transitions. russ shared a lot of things that i really needed to hear. he reminded me that "god is sovereign, and that we aren't living an accident or a big mistake." while i never thought to that extreme (of living an accident or mistake), it was good to be reminded of his sovereignty.

so here's to family, friends (old and new, close and far), and being thankful that i'm not the one in charge.

*if anyone reading this blog knows of anyone looking to buy a house in kansas city, i know someone trying to sell. :)

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