Friday, August 20, 2010

life on the road

mother, teach me about the country
can you tell the lies from the lives that you've seen
now mother, can you tell me
where this road is gonna lead?

just let yourself go and sell your soul to the road
just let yourself go and sell your soul to the road

["road song" - steel train]

i feel incredibly redundant saying this, but there is something beautiful about being on the road. i have had the privelege to travel a lot lately (for someone who works a 40-hr/week office job that doesn't involve travel). since this time last year i have been to california, indiana (3 times), illinois (twice), north carolina, south carolina, georgia, new york, michigan (3 times), and places in between. currently i'm sitting in the passenger seat of my friend's car (i love technology) somewhere in kentucky on our way to ohio. this world is too big to sit still for too long; too small to make excuses to not get out there and go see it. it feels as though there's a piece of my heart out there somewhere, but then i'm reminded of its true location: the world that has yet to come.

[fun side note: as i wrote this, we definitely passed an old van headed east on 71, with a window air conditioning unit hanging out the back and a generator strapped to the front. have i mentioned that i love traveling?]

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