Wednesday, February 10, 2010

when the night comes

"wake up, check. make my bed, check. do something bigger than myself? check." - seth philpott

i went to see a movie last night. but not just any movie, this was a documentary, directed by bobby bailey (founder of invisible children), about the devastating malaria plague. the movie? when the night comes

i'll just let the trailer speak for itself:

i was left with the feeling that i can do something, i can make a difference in my world, i can be a part of something bigger than myself. all too often i am reminded of this, but i never follow through. where am i going? this is part of my story too. i need to know where i've come from before i can fully grasp where i'm going. i've always felt there is some great adventure awaiting me. and the tears fell last as i was reminded again that it's out there. somewhere.

if you are in any of the following cities, please go see this movie:
chicago (2/11)
denver (2/13)
austin (2/18)
dallas (2/19)
philadelphia (2/25)
los angeles (2/26)
seattle (3/4)
new york (3/11)
dc (3/12)

no matter where you are, become a fan on facebook. spread the word. act. do something bigger than yourself.

[also, props to seth, rob blackledge, and andy davis for starting last night off with some excellent music. gotta love nashtown!]

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