Wednesday, February 24, 2010

andrew belle

let me just take a moment to tell you about andrew belle, and his new cd, "the ladder". this was released on itunes yesterday, and you absolutely must purchase it. i promise there are very few better ways you can spend six bucks.

andrew had a show here in nash about a month ago, and i was able to purchase a physical copy there, so i've had the privilege of owning this music for the past month, prior to the itunes debut on tuesday. and let me tell you friends, in the past month, i've listened to it 18 times, according to my itunes play count.

and that's just on itunes. that doesn't count the plays on my ipod, or the plays on my cd player at home. just itunes, which i really only listen to while in the office.

do you get the point yet? this is good stuff. really good stuff.

you need it. that's all. you're grounded until you get it.

here's a little video of the title track, just to whet your appetite.

now that you've seen that, go get it for yourself!

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  1. Hi Holly - thanks for the incredibly kind words!
    Keep spreading the word and the love.