Sunday, February 21, 2010

birthday blog

well. it's my birthday. my friend katie is in town from chicago to help me celebrate, and to try to find a job so she can move to nashville. i thought i'd write out a quick blog while she's in the shower (though it'd be easier if the cat would stop giving me birthday kisses).

three and a half years ago, my friend stacy told me that 27 would be my "perfect year". it's just something she pulled out of thin air, but it's been ringing through my head ever since. and because of that, i'm determined to make it true. (not to say that it will all be down hill starting this time next year).

26 was a good year, the best yet. i learned a lot, loved a lot, grew a lot, discovered a lot. i went to 53 concerts in the past year. many of my favorite musicians, i had no clue who they were a year ago. same goes for most of my favorite people. overall, 26-year old holly was a lot happier than 25-year old holly.

27, you have a lot to live up to. bring it.

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