Monday, February 1, 2010

who i used to be (part one)

i just spent about an hour and a half going through old notes and letters from high school. i had this group of friends, we called ourselves "batha"... which not only were all of our initials (brittney, abby, tiffany, holly, anna), but it also stood for "believers accountable trusting honest available". yep, that's how cool we were.

every sunday in church, we would each bring a note for each person. these notes contained words of encouragement, prayer requests, a bible verse that stuck out to us that week, and how often we spent time with god during that week. while reading these notes, i learned a few things:

-i used to be surrounded by encouragement. while i do have community that encourages me today, it's not quite what i had in high school.

-i used to be more encouraging towards others.

-i used to be much more joyful. i think generally i'm still a fairly positive person, but i have become quite the cynic.

-inside jokes never stop being funny. even if you don't remember what they mean.

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