Tuesday, February 23, 2010

questions and coffee

it seems to me that most of life's toughest questions, at least for me, are pondered, discussed, written about, asked, and answered over coffee. whether alone, with a book, with a journal, with a friend, or with a stranger, this has always been true.

this evening was no exception.

and it was good.

the following questions were taken from dan allender's book "to be told":

-what moves me most deeply?
-what do i most enjoy doing?
-where do i find the greatest pleasure and joy?
-what is it about this activity, idea, or person that brings me such a sense of life?
-what is my "ideal self" in the following areas: worker, friend, spouse, parent, child, citizen, believer?

wow. talk about questions that made me think. maybe for some of you the answers are obvious. for me, they took some time. but when i discovered them, i finally started to see my story unfold, starting to see some of the common themes throughout my life.

there is more to be thought of, more to be asked, and more to be answered. but for now, it's a start.

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