Wednesday, February 17, 2010

mr. ben rector.

so, ben rector released a new album yesterday, called "into the morning". i tweeted about it quite a bit, trying to encourage friends to purchase it, even though i hadn't heard it yet. but that's because i pre-ordred it and was waiting for it to arrive in the mail.

well friends, it came today. it's perfect. simply genius. so now i can honestly say: you need this record!

the first time i heard ben was... awkward. it was a live show, my friend and i were late, it wasn't a typical venue, the people there were, well, interesting... it was just an awkward situation. for me, probably not for ben. but i immediately fell in love with his music, and when i got an itunes gift card for christmas, i bought "songs that duke wrote", which i also highly recommend.

just... buy his music. you won't regret it. but you'll regret not doing it.

here's a little clip from one of my favorites off the album, called "moving backwards"

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